Chapter 18

I wasn't looking forward to training tomorrow in a way. I was good at climbing and running but things like restraint and strength, well, I always left those up to Aaron. I glanced over at the door from my bed and wondered how he was doing. I mean I know the news had been a shock to him.

Well, it wasn't just news it was a whole life changing perspective. I mean one day he's the son of a blacksmiths and in the same day he becomes son of the Sky God. He was the second child ever of the Sky God with the only other being the Great King Evias far back at the beginning of the kingdom of Aire. He was my ancestor not just by marriage but distant blood. 

The knowledge made me squirm a little over my feelings for Aaron then shake my head. I was being silly. That blood was probably a speck in my genes by now. Glancing again at the door I nibbled my bottom lip before sliding to my feet. Quietly of course due to Sylvia already being asleep in the bed across from mine.

I suppose I could check on Aaron just to see he was okay. Tugging on my shoes I walked out of my new shared room intent to cross over to Aaron's when I bumped into Saime. She raised an eyebrow at me. "Bit late to take an evening stroll" she commented.

"Oh no, I was just... going to check on Aaron" I got out feeling my cheeks starting to slowly heat up with embarrassment.

"I was hoping to bring this up later, Carlie, but while you are studying here you must obey the rules. One being no entering rooms of the opposite sex" she said looking at me with this firm gaze. I wanted to ask why even though I knew it wasn't up for discussion but Saime continued to talk. "So I suggest you go back to bed and rest for your first lesson tomorrow"

I felt like a scolded child like when I was very young and father caught me and Isaac stealing biscuits from the kitchen we weren't meant to be having. I didn't want to get in trouble on my first day here though so I turned on my heels and went straight back into my room. Even within my room I could hear that Saime did not move on.

She still hadn't after I had removed my shoes and slid back into bed. It was only a while later when I could feel myself drifting off into a peaceful sleep did she finally move on. My sleep wasn't good due to not checking on Aaron and when I woke the next morning Sylvia could seem to tell straight away.

"What's wrong?" She asked simply.

"I went to go see Aaron last night" I muttered glancing over at her.

"And?" She questioned sorting through the given clothes for something she liked. I was intrigued by this girl. I mean I know I was really close friends with Aaron but apart from him I didn't do much mingling with the lower classes which may make me sound a snob but things were just like that.

"Saime was out in the hall and after lovely being informed that it wasn't against the rules to go into bedrooms of the opposite sex she sent me back to bed. Literally waited outside till I was almost asleep"

Sylvia came out from her cupboard to look at me maybe to tell if I was serious. "Creepy" she said going back into the cupboard. "Why not just go see him now?"

"What if I get caught again?" I frowned seeing her finally find something she liked. She looked at me almost seeming to ask if I was joking.

"Lie? Or be careful so you don't get caught?" 

"You mean break the rules?" I asked her simply and she flashed me a wink. "But I can't"

Sylvia rolled her eyes then vanished off into the bathroom to change leaving me alone to my thoughts. I mean I did want to see Aaron and its not like I hadn't snuck around before but I wasn't breaking any proper rules then. I was more just going against my fathers wishes sneaking down to town to see Aaron. I was still pondering over it when Sylvia got back. She looked at me and groaned. "Oh for gosh sakes just go over there already!" 

I looked at her and flushed. Quickly I got to my feet and moved over to the door out to the hall. I opened it an inch and peaked out glancing up and down the corridor. No one. Then rushing as quick as I could I dashed across the hall and straight into Aaron's room without knocking. The not knocking caused me to turn and face, after closing the door, a shocked and shirtless Aaron.


The End

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