Chapter 17

You would think after all this that they would at least show some respect. But I continued to stumble behind, jogging to catch up. Stupid priests with long legs, I was going to have to give them a taste of shortyness some day. We were eventually led to our rooms which were two huge suites. I could only say that I really did not like the openness of the place. There was nothing to hide behind and for a thief, that was not a good sign.

“You two will live in that room. Aaron will be in the room across from yours.” The priest pointed to an open door. Inside, there was a room, furnished lavishly with dark blue and white drapings, a deep maroon-brown carpet, and two beautifully carved rosewood beds with a light pint mattress. I stared at the whole room and began to feel small and out of place. For some reason, I wanted to curl up into a ball and hide underneath the bed, a place much more familiar to me. Carlie looked happy enough and was running around the room examining everything.

“Uh, do you have something smaller?” I managed to mumble.

“If you wish to live with the rats, yes. But that would not be acceptable. Unless you want to smell like a rat hole in the presence of the others.”

Oh, I’d rather smell like a rat hole.

“Oh, no. That’s fine then.” I shook my head. I suppose I would have to get used to this kind of lifestyle some day. Why not now? I walked over and sat down on the clearly overly soft bed. Minutes later, I got up again, unable to stand the feeling that I was sitting half on air and walked out of the room.

“I’m going for a breather!” I shouted and left.

I wandered around the place until I stumbled upon a garden. It was a huge garden with a large tree in the middle. Trees. I could feel a small smile creep up my face. I love trees. I looked around to make sure no one was there. I had a strong feeling that if I was caught climbing this tree, I was going to be in big trouble and I wasn’t ready to be in trouble just yet. I still had to figure out how to deal with those stupid priests.

I hopped onto the first branch nimbly and was about to reach for a second one when a nut hit me. I whirled around on the branch, but there was nothing except for a bird’s nest.

“Stupid bird.” I mumbled before I went back to climbing again. I swung onto the second branch and immediately another nut flew at me. I stopped, annoyed and glared at the bird. But I for some reason, I didn’t think it was the bird. I closed my eyes, and decided to use Thief Eyes, the ability to track movements and sounds through the wind. It was a special thief skill that I seemed to be really good at.

As Thief Eyes slowly kicked in, images of my hidden surroundings sneaked into my brain. I began scrolling through them. There was the bird, the tree, the rest of the garden and then, I saw him.

There was a boy hidden behind the tree. Black hair, matching black eyes and handsome. Of course also smartly hidden. I growled silently in annoyance as I shut off my Thief eyes. That boy was going to wish he didn’t try that. Immediately, I flipped backwards and landed on the ground right in front of him. He stared at me slightly open-eyed as I lunged forward and pinned him to the tree.

“What were you thinking?” I hissed at him. He recovered quickly and resumed his easygoing stature.

“I was tossing nutshells.”

“At me.”

“Nope.” He shook his head. “They just happened to hit you.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, out of all of the places they could have landed, they hit me. What a coincidence.”

“Not my fault. Those nutshells have a mind of their own. Maybe they don’t like you.”

“Since when did nutshells have minds?” I stared at him incredulously. Was this kid trying to trick me with these ridiculous lies?

“Hey, you’ve never been here before, how would you know? You know they have flying lions here.”

“They’re called griffins.”

“Whatever.” Suddenly he pushed my arms away roughly and got up. Caught off guard, I fell on the ground.

“Well I’ll see you later.” he said with a grin.

“You-” I glared at his deep black eyes.

“I what?”

“You- you pushed me!” I finally stuttered out indignantly.

“What did you want me to do? I was getting uncomfortable.”


“That was rude? Well, I suppose I was then. Let me make up for that.” He grabbed me, leaned in and kissed me. Seconds later, he was gone.

“Hey! What was that for!” But I was only screaming at empty air. That boy was weird. And I didn’t like it.

The End

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