Chapter 16

I knelt down to the floor, and tenderly reached out my hand, tracing the words with my fingers.

My Son.

My Son.

Aaron, My Son.

Standing abruptly I turned to Darton, "You knew?"

But before he could answer, Emriel spoke. "We all knew. But do not accuse Darton, it was not his place to tell you."

"And it wasn't my place to know, Emriel?" I snapped back, not noticing the sudden slight breeze pick up behind me. 

"Young Aaron, please, remain calm-" He stammered quickly.

"Stay calm!?" I laughed back, sarcasm pealing from the sound. I didn't notice Sylvia and Carlie edging away. "I never knew my mother, all I have ever had is my father. How can you take that away, and ask me to stay calm?!"

"I must insist you calm down." Emriel replied again, regaining his cool, elegant composure.

"You will explain, priest." I hissed at him. With my words, a rather violent gust of wind swept past my ears, and knocked back Emriels hood. Still unphased, he simply replaced his hood back onto his head before continuing. 

"You are the son of the Sky God, his blood runs in your veins, and as such you hold complete sway over the element of Air, you've always held this ability, but you only required the trigger, the epiphany, which you have now received. You can twist and bend the air to your will, you can harness it or you can unleash it, your power is limitless. As can all of you, however your training is to learn to control this power. It will not be easy, but we are here to guide and to help you along the way, for as much as possible."

"What about us?" Sylvia piped up, stepping forward again.

"Ah," laughed Emriel. "You and Carlie both are chosen of the Sky God, you also hold his power at your fingertips, it may require more effort and discipline, but you both can match Aaron's power."

Carlie stepped forward, and wrapped her hand once again in mine, staring at me with a whole other level of fascination, "Why are we chosen, Emriel?" she asked the hooded man.

The priest folded his arms, his long sleeved robes falling nearly to the ground. "According to prophecy, young Carlie, a darker power, one to match that of the Sky God himself is to descend upon the Realm of Aire, Only you three, and only together will you be able to defend Aire, and defeat the Thunderstorm."

"Oh..." gasped Carlie.

"When do we start?" asked Syliva.

"Right now." replied Emriel with a smile. "Siamie will take you to the courtyard, and introduce you to our training, later you'll take your classes with the other students. Good luck.

He turned, and his long graceful stride made for the door, I looked at Carlie, and smiled, seeing her return the smile and her grip tighten on my hand, I knew we would be in this together, until the end.

The End

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