Chapter 15

This Sylvia turned to inform her Priest but he wasn't there. Instead he had joined Saime and the other one who'd brought Aaron. She turned back round and seemed to scowl a little for not having noticed. "So? What is going on?" She almost demanded an answer.

"All will be explained" said Saime as she ran her finger tips over the water that pooled up in the base of the fountain. "We just need to wait for Emriel and Kieran"

"Who?" I couldn't stop myself questioning Saime in the casual way we'd done the whole journey to Sky God Haven. I still had my hand curled around Aaron's as Saime turned her eyes to me.

They lit up a little with amusement when I squirm. "The final two Priests" she explained then introduced Darton, the one who had brought Aaron, and Milo, the one who had brought Sylvia. Quietly I looked them over. Non of them were old but not young either they had aged with the same grace with which they walked.

Suddenly the doors behind us opened letting light bleed into the room dramatically as a man is pure white robes stood next to another with blue like the other Priests. "They are all here?" The white robed Priest asked the others over out heads.

I squirmed while Sylvia and Aaron scowled but there was some sort of aura that made us all keep our mouths shut. This thick warning in the air. "Yes, Emriel" chorused the Priests who had brought us.

Then with a floating grace like the others he moved over to join them before turning to face us. Finally with his piercing eyes he looked at us all assessing each of us one by one."So? What is going on?" Sylvia said drawing Emriel's eyes to hers and even she stepped back so far she had appeared to me as that sort of stubborn person who never backed down. I could do that sometimes but right now I felt like I was walking on glass.

"What is going on is what you were born for" Emriel said in a way like we should instantly know what he meant but most of us were a little confused.

"Is this about the birthmark?" I asked.

Emriel scowled. "That is no mere birthmark that is the touch of the Sky God. He has marked your skin and enchanted your blood with his powers for another great darker power is about to come upon us. One mere man cannot fight" he said starting to walk away round the fountain and when he glanced back I think that is when we realised he wanted us to follow.

We started to follow him and the rest of the Priest walked around us like they were marking the four corners of a box that contained us. We headed out of the huge dome through a corridor at the back which led into the main temple I suppose. The walls and floors stayed the startling white marble wherever we went.

"Where are we going?" Sylvia hissed looking uncomfortable with being led somewhere we did not know.

"Hush, I shall soon explain" said Emriel from the front. "Unfortunately non of you are of age yet but we could not wait to bring you here" he said as we past through a schooling area reminding me that this was the best place in all of Aire to get an education but they only excepted ten of the brightest eighteen year old minds each year.

We reached another room where is the centre flowed a column of air. It vanished down into a whole is the ground and also shot up into the sky through the ceiling. This is where we stopped all the Priests moving to stand in front of us.

"This is The Column of Aire that the Sky God used to visit earth those hundreds of years ago. Some people say he still uses it in silent but it was only seventeen years ago that something happened to prove he had" he gestured we come over and there on the ground around the wall were three names. Our names.

"What the-""Don't swear in the sacred room" interrupted one of the Priests. I didn't see which one but Sylvia bit back her curse as in confusion we all saw our own names. I went over to mine and found words just written underneath. "The Pure" I whispered.

I looked over to Sylvia. "The Changling mine says"

"Aaron?" I questioned looking over to him. He was staring at his with his hands shaking. Hesitantly I got up and moved over to him. I retook his hand which I'd let go to go look at my name. He was staring at his with a scared confusion. I looked down and tensed a little myself. Just two words that resonated hard through this room.

'My Son'

The End

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