Chapter 13

Sky God Haven. 

It towered over even the Crystal mountains, home of the Dragons. There had been... So many steps to get up to this height but now I was here I could see it was worth it. It was its only little world. There was a huge expanse of land with this field stretching out before the temple which we hadn't even reached yet. I walked along with Saime as she moved with a grace that seemed impossible. She must be floating or something of the sort to have that grace.

Saime wasn't that old. She was the most recent addition to the Five Priests of the Sky God due to apt he passing of another.We moved up to the temple along the long gravel path and past a courtyard heading to a dome shaped building which seemed to deem itself very important.

"Where are we going?" I asked but did not receive an answer and Saime led me into the dome building to revealed it contain a fountain. Everything of this place was built out of white marble and it made the light shine off every surface meaning the rooms required no candles or lanterns.

"We shall wait here"

"Wait here for what?" I questioned Saime. "What is going on?"

"The others should be here soon" Saime said dismissing any of my further questions as she sat herself on the marble wall containing the water of the fountain.

I frowned and tried to ask what she meant when the doors to the fountain room opened. "Aaron!" I said in shock but ran over bundling myself into his arms. His warm familiar scent washed over me making me feel at home. He returned my hug but only briefly before pushing me back to a proper distance. Reality crashed around me once again and I remembered what I had done. The thing I had said to him how we were better as friends. I was sure my pain was showing across my face it was too overwhelming to hold in. A little desperate I tried to move back into his embrace. His smile faltered and his hands moved to my shoulders holding me back.

"Not here. We can talk later, okay?" He said as his hands rested softly on my shoulder gently squeezing them showing an intimacy that was enough to quell the aches deep within that now empty hole in my chest.

I felt one single tear tumble down my cheek. "I don't want to leave it till later" I expressed but never the less forced myself to turn away.

"So" Aaron said behind me to the Priest that had brought him. "What happens now?"

"We wait for the last" said Saime. Another? I couldn't help but think as I watched the second Priest join Saime by the fountain. "You may talk while we wait"

"Thank.." Replied Aaron which gave me hope he wanted to talk.

I turned only to find him gone wandering around the room. I went after him catching him by a window. "A-Aaron?"

"Yes, Carlie?" He replied but did not turn to look at me which made tears tumble down my cheeks. "Will you not look at me?" I said with a shaky voice. Quietly Aaron turned to face me in a way that made me feel like he was clawing out the last bits of my heart. Oh what had I done?

Aaron turned away then quoted me, "I'd rather have you as a friend." The way he said it was full of hurt that matched the guilt I felt but also held contemplation. He'd been thinking them over.... A lot.

"Did you really kiss Jessica?" I suddenly asked the words jumping from my lips only to cause me deeper pain in my chest.

He snorted like he found my question ridiculous and funny. "Well it was more Jessica kissed me-" he said cutting off short.

"Did you prefer it?"

"Ten years Carlie... Ten years I waited and wanted and wished that you and I could... then it finally happens, and I'm on the highest cloud and then you- and then you change your mind? Do you have any idea- How- No. No. I didn't prefer Jessica's kiss."

I didn't much think as I span Aaron round pressing up to a wall as I kissed him. Then I remembered he'd let Jessica kiss him and couldn't stop my hand coming hard across his cheek a moment later. Aaron watched me stunned leant back against the wall watching me. "That was for kissing Jessica.." I said explaining the slap.

"Like I said, she kissed me. I really didn't have a choice." He said in the defensive and quite manly way that made me kiss him again which was when the priests coughs reminding us of their presence. I turned bright red and pulled away. Aaron acknowledge them staying against the wall while I found an interest in my shoes suddenly from the embarrassment. "She saw us, Jessica. Confronted me when I went back to the forge. I really had no choice"

"I love you"

The words seemed to echo around the room causing me more embarrassment. My shoes become again a lot more interesting than anything else in the room meaning my eyes stay glued to them. When suddenly Aaron's fingers are grasping my chin tilting it up making me look at him. He opens his mouth to speak when the door behind me open.No, say it. I beg in my head but we can't cause it's time we learnt why we're here.

The End

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