Chapter 12

I walked into the closest bar I could find and ordered a drink. How was I going to create a plausible story? So far nothing felt good enough except for ending where I started drawing tally marks on his skin. And then I didn’t kill him. Which just sounded lame. God! What am I going to do!

“Hey. I can I sit here?” Some old guy walked up with a shot of rum.

“Sure.” I waved him in. He plopped down and started chugging his drink. A while later, he seemed to notice that I was in deep thought and stopped drinking.

“Hey, whatcha thinking about?”

“If you were assigned to steal a handful of flour and ended up taking twice as long as you were suppose to, what would your story be like?”

The man grinned.

“Well I’d say I was stealing the jewels off the emperor’s crown. But then I accidentally ground them into flour.” He shrugged and gave a smug grin. “I would say that at least.”

I nodded. Ridiculous. He stealing jewels? I suppose he can’t even walk straight. But I wasn’t in the mood for causing more ruckus now. I needed to make up a story and I needed one now. Just then the doors slammed wide open.

“Sylvia Mabel! Show yourself!” A talled robed figure stood at the doorway. I groaned inwardly. You have to be kidding me. Another one? How many pranks were people going to play one me today?

"Wrong bar!" I shouted. “She’s not here!”

The robed figure turned towards me.

“There no need to hide Sylvia.” I looked up in surprise. How did he know I was Sylvia?

“What? Where’d you get my name from?” I thought for a second. “Wait, did that stupid baker’s daughter tell you? Cuz I need to know.”

The robed figure ignored me, which I found quite annoying.

“The Sky God calls you. You will need to come with me.”

The Sky God? My hand instinctively touched the little mark on my cheek. Was the Sky God really calling to me?

The End

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