Chapter 11

Working the forge.

Fitting thing for a Blacksmiths son to be doing. They would come in through the front doors, the guardsmen. Their chief would read the charges, and bind my arms and drag me away. I'd be taken before the town meeting, and his case would be heard. Jessica would give her statement, and he would be sent to the mines for fraternizing with a noble. Nothing like Justice, I thought grimly. 

This afternoon, after the Girl Sylvia had made a fool of Jessica on the streets, she'd been angry- she'd stormed off, and left me too my own. I was certain that before long, guardsmen would be coming for me I'd retreated to my only sanctuary- the forge.

Filled with an unspeakable guilt, knowing that should he be sentenced to the mines my father would be left with all the work, and before long his aging arms would begin to ache and fade and he would be alone. So I started all the projects I'd been putting off- the Tallwind family's horse shoes, the Cloudnight family's knives, Arrowheads for the guardsmen. 

I hadn't expected to have them all completed, surely the guards would come before I could complete the chores- but instead it was well after dusk when my father entered the Forge. I couldn't help myself, I nearly broke down at the sight of him. 

"Come," he said. "There's someone inside waiting for you." Good old dad, being strong. 

"I don't want to go dad." I whispered.

"Well, you have no choice. The Sky God has chosen you."

What? The Sky God? Dad must've read the confusion on my face, "A priest from the High-Temple is waiting for you." He continued. 

Just as we reached the door, he turned me around, as if I were a small boy in his arms. "Don't you worry about me, son. I'll be here, and I'm proud of you. Remember that, ok?"

After a momentary bearhug, we stepped back from eachother, and I followed him into the house.

The End

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