Chapter 10

My heart was smashing. Into a million pieces it cracked and snapped. I had no one to blame but myself. No one to blame but my stupid fear of being caught and losing Aaron as he was put in to slavery, prison or even worse the mines.

Aire people weren't built for underground. We struggled for air and gasped for any we could find. Our lungs would start to harden as rock particles made their way in to them. Our weak eyes would go blind as they failed to adapt to the darkness. It was a horror. A horror that could be sentenced to a young man stepping out of line and thinking he had the rights to be with another class.

I buried my face into my hands. I didn't care about the rain or the brownies getting soaked in the basket nearby. My chest was empty as I had allowed myself to claw it out in desperation to not lose the thing that it solely beat for. "Carlie!" A voice called causing my head to shoot up with hope only to be smashed again at the sight of Isaac. "Oh Carlie... Did you see them.. Is that all this was about? The blacksmith boy?"

"See... See who?" I stuttered out confused by his worlds."Jessica and Aaron... They're kissing down by the forge" Isaac spoke but I barely heard him over the huge drop of my heart. The final hammer slamming the stake firmly in. My legs dropped out from under me and Isaac reached me just in time to catch me. "Carlie? Carlie!"

He was panicking but I didn't care. What was there to care about anymore? Aaron was gone and with her. Out of all the people it had to be her didn't it?Isaac lifted me and started carrying me back to the house. I didn't want to go back to the house. I wanted to stay out in the rain where my tears didn't seem so bad. We reached the house and Isaac kicked the door open with his foot. "Mom! Dad!" He yelled.

There was a rush of feet from the living room. "Carlie!" My mother called out in distress and confusion as her hands hovered over me wondering whether she could touch me or not.

"Isaac, what has happened?" My father demanded.

"She... She just collapsed" Isaac got out thankfully not expressing over what.

My father knew there was more to it though. "Oh does it really matter?" Snapped my mother. "Get her up to her room, Isaac"

My brother started to carry me to my room but mother and father kept talking. "What about him?"

"He will have to wait" my mother said and came after Isaac. As we passed Thomas's room he poked his blond haired head out. 

His eyes widened at the sight of me. "What's going on?"

"Back in your room, Thomas" my mother said as we moved on passed him."Is Carlie okay?"

"We don't know" The end to the discussion came when we entered my room. My mother got Isaac to lay me on my bed then shooed him out so she could peel me out of my rain soaked clothes.

"Oh, dear, what happened?" My mother asked but I didn't answer. I mean how could I feeling so empty. My mother had just got me dressed when there was a knock on the door. "Yes?"

"He wishes to speak with her" I heard my father say.

"She's not in the right state!"

"Darling, we can't argue with one of the Priests. The Sky God has chosen her" my father went on.

Chosen me. Slowly I sat up and started to listen in. Was this about the mark on my left hip?

The End

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