Chapter 9

I slowly peeled to skin mask I had off my face. That was the only thing that hid my face. Somehow he took it. I walked back out of the dark alley and snuck back into the baker’s storage room to grab a handful of flour.  Then I walked back out and began to stroll down the road. I had to create plausible story for why it took me so long to grab a handful of flour. and there was no way I was admitting that I was caught off guard. So I would have had to have myself caught on purpose. But why would I want that? That just wouldn’t make any-


I walked right into someone and tumbled over into a mess with her. When I got up again, I realized it was that girl Jessica.

“Ugh! What were you thinking?” She demanded as she crawled up from the ground. I stared at her.

“I was thinking whether the bakers flour is good for make-up or not.”:

“What?” She stared at me confused.

“Well, being one of the witnesses are the scene where you tried to cover yourself in flour, I was contemplating on whether flour was good makeup or not.” I flashed her a small smile. She squinted at me suspiciously.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything.” She stared at me confused. Obviously she wasn’t picking up on my sarcasm.

“Hmmm... Lets see. How about this?” I moved myself into what she looked like and spoke in a high pitched voice. “Ugh! Why is father making me do work today?”

Her face turned paled a little

“Wait. What were you doing in that storage room?” She squinted at me suspiciously. I ignored her and continued my story.

“And then you went crash and then ‘Oh! My dress! My dress!’” I gasped trying to rub the imaginary flour off my “dress”.

Jessica’s face was beet red. The boy beside her started chuckling. I grinned.

“And then you went like this, ‘HELLLP ME!’” I fake fainted on the ground. She screamed and lost her temper. Her hand shot out and flew at my face. I dodged it nimbly and poked her in the stomach. She tripped backwards and fell solidly on her butt. Not my fault she tried to blame me for walking into her.

“You- you-” She glared at me lost for words. Suddenly she scrambled up and hid herself behind the boy.

“Aaron! She’s bullying me!” She pouted. The boy stood there silently. There was no response.

“Aaron!” She tried to drag him forward. “Don’t you love me?”

I stared at the boy and I could tell that deep down in his heart, he had someone else in mind. Obviously this girl was also annoying him a lot.

“He doesn’t love you.” I said flatly.

“What?” She whirled around and glared at me. “What are you talking about?”

“He doesn’t love you and finds you annoying. So I suggest you stop dragging him around.”

“Our relationship is none of you business.” She stared at me snobbishly.

“Yeah, like you have a relationship in the first place.” I snorted.

“You-” She lunged forward to hit me again. I grabbed her arm and bent it behind her back. She cried out in pain.

“I have other things to deal with and you are wasting my time. I’ll tell you once more. That kid doesn’t love you so get over with it!” I hissed at her, the malice was strong in my voice. I let her go, turned and left. The baker’s daughter was just as annoying as the baker himself. Maybe annoyance runs in the family.

"By the way," I shouted back. "Name's Sylvia!"

No harm in leaving a name behind. Right?

The End

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