Chapter 5

Why did everything have to be so confusing?

It wasn't fair.

I brought the hammer back down on the red hot metal, sending sparks flying into the night air. Dad was still up at the Flight's mansion, it was fine for them to be close, but Carlie and I? Not a Flames chance in the ocean.

It made me angry.

The royals- Ting- their stupid customs- tang- and the whole, goddamned system- Snap!- 

I threw the hammer across the forge, the shattered metal of the Horseshoe still glowing red on the anvil. I stormed away from it, and slumped against the workbench on the far side of the forge. Today had been great, just fooling around over by the river, I hadn't the first idea about fishing, but it was worth it to spend the time with her. 

I sighed, resigning to myself. There was no use trying to fight the thoughts of her, painful as they were. "You aim too high, buddy." I whispered into the cool night. Leaving the forge behind, I walked around behind our house across the small green lawn, to the small pool of water, lit by the moonlight.

I breathed in deep, and not knowing how to voice my prayers I just sat in silence. Trying to think, trying to get my head back on my shoulders. Suddenly, a light appeared in the side of my vision- coming from the woods and growing brighter by the minute. It flitted and fluttered, a small bird with feathers glowing a brilliant white.

A Starlight Sparrow, It flew around my lawn, circling around me, before settling in the pool of water. It cocked its head at me, and tweeted once, I could've sworn it was telling me to cheer up. It only rested for a second, before flitting off again. 

After it'd disappeared back into the woods, I heard the thump of my fathers heavy footsteps crossing the lawn behind me. 

"Something on your mind, kid?" he asked, his gruff voice full of concern.

I stood up, and turned back to face him. His bearded, worn face was full of concern, and strangely, a sense of knowing. 

"Uck. Stupid question." he continued. "'Course there is. Carlie right?"

I nodded once, caught speechless. "Okay," he said, clasping his hand down on my shoulder and smiling. "Well! What are we going to do about this then, eh?"

The End

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