Chapter 4


Fishing had been fun after I had actually learnt what a fish was..... Okay, it wasn’t fun. It was boring, time consuming and why the hell would I waste that much time catching a fish I could just buy from the market. The real point of it though had been spending time with Aaron. It had been around ten years now since I first ever saw him. His father had brought a heavy load of sword and armour bringing his son along as help. Even then his blonde hair had been messy flopping in the way of his blue eyes. Peeking out from behind my father’s leg I only got a glimpse at him first before the two men had suggested we go play out in the garden.

My brothers had been all studying that day leaving me with no one to play with so I had been glad for the company. We’d gone tree climbing and I’d got frustrated at him when he got higher than me.... so ended up just pushing him out of the tree. It was just like when I’d pushed him into the pond today having got tired of fishing. Except then he hit his head and I had quickly scrambled down. I don’t know if Aaron remembers but as he had laid there dizzy on the ground he had called me an angel. It had shocked me because most of my family referred to me more as a cheeky monkey at that age. Our fathers though had heard the thump when Aaron had fallen out of the tree and soon enough he was rushed inside to get some ice on his head.

From that day on I’d raced down stairs every time Aaron’s father came up to see mine either to be disappointed or overjoyed. When I’d turned ten that was when I started sneaking down to the village to see Aaron.

That was the day I’d first met Jessica. She was a year older than me, the same age as Aaron, and even then had started getting the figure the men now lusted over her for. She’d been at the forge when I got there delivering those damn nutfilled brownies and giggling annoyingly like no tomorrow. I had waited until she left before sneaking in and surprising Aaron like I always did. “Guess who?” I always asked. I never said anything else.

I always felt though second best whenever I see those brownies. Those damn nutfilled brownies that were absolutely mouth watering. I hated Jessica for that. Giving Aaron gifts. He was my Aaron after all. My best friend and no girl is going to squirm in on that. Although, I had said almost the same thing about Isaac.....

I returned home just in time for dinner and for desert we were served this delicious chocolate cake. As it was place before me I instantly had an idea of what I could do to best Jessica. Waiting till dinner was over I then raced to the kitchen. “Louis!” I called as I skipped in yelling to our chef who turned to face me just before I reached him.

“Yes, little lady. Is there something you can help me with?”

“I want to make brownies” I stated standing firm.

My statement also caught the interest of the other staff in the kitchen. Louis looked at me confused. “Brownies, little lady? Why?”

I almost flushed from the thought of Aaron but quickly hid it putting my hands on my hips. “Does it matter why, Louis? I’m asking you to teach me how to make brownies”

Louis coughed awkwardly. “Um, okay, ma’am. Let’s just gather together the ingredients” he said moving to the pantry I followed with a skip to my step while to two other maids in the kitchen whispered to one another. I know there were finding this odd. I never came into the kitchen unless it was to complain or for Louis to cook myself something. Never had one of the Flight family come into the kitchen to actually cook. Not even mother who was a very homely women who you could really see cooking up a warm family meal like stew or hotpot.

“We only have a limited amount of cocoa powder and chocolate imported, miss. So we’re going to have to be careful with it” Louis said coming back with everything piled together in a glass bowl which he place before me on the counter.

“Okay” I said brightly. “Where do I start?”

The first part was easy cutting up the butter into little cubes along with the chocolate which we then put in a pan.

“Ow!” I yelped yanking back my fingers.

“Careful, miss” Louis said checking my hand. “We need to get that under some water” he took me over to the sink running cold water over the tips of my fingers. “You need to remember that the pan will be hot”

I nodded and once the red had died down we went back to making the brownies..... Only to find the butter and chocolate burnt and stuck to the bottom of the pan. Louis sigh but didn’t say anything as he cleaned out the pan and we started again. This time the mixture didn’t burn and we left it off the heat to cool while we turned to the flour and cocoa powder.

“Right we need to be careful here we need to-Ah! Miss!” Louis jump forward and yanked the flour out of my hands which had gone almost everywhere but the bowl including completely over my face. Although my dress was already sticky from cheekily tasting the melted chocolate then wiping it off on my dress.

The maid started laughing their heads off from the corner of the room at my state. Louis on the other hand just looked horrified. He shook his head and started to clean up the flour  then himself poured the correct amount into the bowl without it going all over the place.

From that point on I made various mistakes. Sugar ended up all over the floor. Cocoa powder went everywhere when I turned and accidentally knocked the container off the side. Eggs turned out to be out of date meaning we had to start all over again. Overall it was a messy sticky disaster. Isaac turned up after a short while probably having been called by one of the now worried maids.

He burst out laughing at the sight of me stood waiting for the brownies to cook. “What have you got in your hair?!” he got out through his laughter before continuing. I scowled at him and slowly he calmed down. “Gosh, Carlie. Why didn’t you just tell Louis you wanted some brownies and left it up to him?”

“I wanted to make then myself” I said. In fact after around seven batches of brownies all resulting in horrid vile piles of mush Louis had abandoned me to my ‘baking’ as he had said with a sarcastic tone to his voice.

Isaac chuckled which is when my mother came in. “Carlie!” she yelled horrified. “What have you done?”

“Um... I’ve just been making brownies”

“Dear, you look like you’ve been throwing food across the kitchen... In fact the kitchen looks like its had food frown across it”

I winced looking around the kitchen. Indeed she was right. It was a terrible mess and I felt even more guilty over the fact it wouldn’t be me cleaning it up. The timer pinged and I turned to the cooker opening the door. A smile burst across my face and I grabbed a ragged to get them out. Putting them on the side I got a knife and cut out a very small piece before trying it.

“I did it!” I yelled out happily. Isaac reached over to try and get a piece but I hit his hand which he quickly yanked back. “Not for you”

“Who are they for then?” Isaac scowled.

I flushed and my mother just seemed to know a smile spreading across her face. “Isaac, go to bed. I’ll sort Carlie out”

Isaac looked at me for a few minutes in confusion before heading out of the kitchen and supposedly upstairs. My mother just grinned at me. “Well, well, well, are you going to tell me who the special man is?”

“Mother!” I complained.

My mother laughed fetching a basket and a bit of white material from the pantry. “Oh come on, dear. You think I can’t tell that my own daughter is smitten”

“I’m not... I....” I looked down now with cheeks as red as cherries. My mother chuckled cutting up the brownie and wrapping them up before putting them in the basket. She tilted my chin up and gave me a gentle smile.

“Let’s get you washed and ready for bed, hmm?” she said pressing the basket into my arms. I gave a gentle nod and my mother led me out of the kitchen to the relief of the rest of the staff. There relief would be short lived when they saw the mess I had made.

Going up stairs my mother ran me a bath which she left me to take. She took my brownies though saying she’d leave them in my room and would be waiting to brush my hair. My mother was a gentle soul but often busy making sure everything in the household was flowing right. She never seemed to mess up.

I quickly stripped out of my sticky clothes and slid into the warm scented water. I picked the herbs out and relaxed sinking down beneath the water. I usually took baths often to think especially after seeing Aaron. Today though I just took a bath getting out once I was clean and refreshed leaving my clothes for the maids to pick up before going to my room. My mother was just laying my nightgown on my bed when I got there and I saw the basket with the brownies sat on my side table.

My mother smiled and went over to my dresser pulling back the seat for me. “Sit down, dear” she said softly. I went over and sat down closing my eyes as my mother started to run the comb through my hair. “So who is this boy?”

“N-No one, mother”

“Oh, come on, Carlie. I’m not like your father I won’t scold you for falling in love”

I couldn’t help but flush. Love. Was I really in love with Aaron? I mean I liked him and I was almost always thinking him of my Aaron but I also did that with Isaac. Maybe my feelings to Aaron were just sisterly?

No, it was a lot more than that. Every time I was around him I caught my breath. I liked the smell of metal that always seemed to linger on his skin. The warmth of his arms when he hugged me and the security I felt just cause they were around me. There were so many things about Aaron that I loved. The little things like how he never ever had neat hair. How he constantly pushed his hand back through the blond strands when he was worried, when he was stressed or even when he was just calm. He was always pushing his hands through his hair.

Just like I was always trying to fight a smile around him. Always trying to fight the jealousy that flared within me when he mentioned Jessica.

“It’s Aaron” I whisper.

“The Stormstrike boy?” my mother smiled. I nodded embarrassed as my cheeks stayed this cherry red. “He does seem like a very sweet boy”

“He is” I whisper.

My mother finished combing my hair and put it down before resting her chin on my shoulder looking at me through the mirror attached to my dresser. “Well, he’s a very lucky man to have captured you heart, dear”

I flushed even more and my mother chuckled. She stood up and so did I. “Father, would never approve” I whisper.

“Love doesn’t have to be” my mother smiled before kissing my cheek. “Goodnight, dear”

Then she left leaving me alone in my room with a head tormented with thoughts over Aaron. There was so many complications with me liking him the main one being out classes. I was a noble and he was the son of a blacksmith. While our fathers got along that didn’t mean my father would be at all happy with me wanting to be with Aaron.

Could it ever be?

The End

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