Chapter 3

Sylvia Mabel

So I was supposed to steal the flour out of the bakery today and it was somewhat upsetting. No, actually it was extremely upsetting. I hated how flour got all over you and stuck to you like glue. But worse off, stealing flour was for embarrassing beginner thieves. I was no beginner!

I darted through the backstreets and snuck into the small bakery, still absolutely annoyed by the fact that I was going to steal flour. Flour! Can you believe that! As I snuck up to the flour basket, I realized that I wasn’t even told how much flour to take. When I get back, someone was going to pay for this. I almost growled but I quickly held it back at the sound of the door opening. I shrank back into the shadows. The small dainty steps of a pretty girl echoed in my ears. The baker’s daughter? What was she doing here?

“Ugh! Why is father making me work today!” A feminine voice rang out. More steps and a trip. The sound of crashing baskets echoed in my ears. I snickered silently. I suppose pretty girls have their bad days too. The girl let out a small shriek.

“Oh! My dress! My dress!” I peaked out from behind the flour basket and saw the girl (Jessica was her name?) patting vigorously at her black dress trying to get the flour out of it. A cloud of flour rose around her. It caked her hair and settled thickly on her face. She coughed loudly causing more flour to fly around. I shrank back down but my shirt caught a wire. I pulled back quickly sending more baskets of flour flying at her. Oops.

“HELLLLP ME!” She shrieked before fainting the ground as the baskets of flour crashed down besides her. I stared at her with a laugh bubbling inside me and I snickered silently. But before I could turn away, I felt a knife rest lightly against my throat. Shoot. I was focusing too much on the girl and forgot about everything else.

“Who are you?” I hissed as I felt another hand tug harshly on my long brown braid.

“Nobody.” A similarly wispy voice whispered back.

“What do you want from me?”

“Do you think I don’t recognize you?” The voice chuckled lightly. “You’re the girl on the wanted posters. 1000 medallions. All. For. Me.”

I shivered. That was right. I did have a 1000 medallion ransom held on my head for stealing from the palace. Usually I went disguised, but today, since I was just getting flour, I didn’t bother to hide much. Big mistake.

“Come with me.” He growled, pulling my hair. I hid a scream as I was jolted backwards painfully. I crawled up and slowly walked out of the back of the bakery. So I was a captive, caught by a mysterious man with a knife to my throat. How embarrassing. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt that something fishy was going on.

I’ve seen the wanted posters before and laughed at how inaccurate their images were of me. There was another problem. The palace actually thought I was a few different people. They all had ransoms that collectively add up to 1000 medallions. How would this guy recognize me just from behind and know that I was actually multiple people? And then I realize that the knife was held incorrectly. Precisely how inexperienced thieves held them. Suddenly a light bulb pinged in my mind and I smiled inwardly. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

So you wanna play prank? Well then, bring it on!

The End

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