Chapter 1

In the realm of Aire there is a prophecy of three children. They all bare the mark of the Sky God giving them power over air creatures and the wind.
These children are destined to save the Aire realm from the approaching thunder storms of the demonic power, Azarus.

Carlie Flight

"Carlie! Get down from there before father see's you" Isaac hissed up to me.

I stopped in turning the page of my book and looked down from my perch in the trees to see my brother panicking. It made me laugh and I waited a few moments before sliding the bookmark into place before snapping the book closed just to see him squirm a little more. I mean who didn't tease their siblings? And with nothing else to do but read, well, I guess you could call it a pass time. "Catch" I said to Isaac throwing my book down which he caught but me a moment later he did not.

We tumbled across the grass and into a very tangly, spiky bush where we both cried out in pain. "What the blazes is going on?" called a very familiar voice.

"Shoot, Charles" Isaac said meaning our gardener. We kept still within the bush but a branch was poking right into my very back so I couldn't help but squirm. Isaac shot me a glare while I just fought a giggle which then had him fighting a laugh. Overall we were stuck in a bit of a predicament.

"Must be those dumb wind spirits again" Charles grumbled creating a thud as he trod off in his heavy boots. I was surprised we hadn't heard him approach. Once he was gone I scrambled out of the bush first accidentally kneeing my brother who grunted out in pain. I called back an apology a moment before I got to my feet and started brushing down my skirt and pulling twigs from my hair. 

Isaac got up and shoved my book into my hands. "You need to be more careful, Carlie" he snaps. "I'm not always going to be around watching your back"

I was shocked by my eldest brothers harsh words and almost took a little step back. He'd never been so harsh to me before. Out of my three brothers I got on with Isaac the best despite him being six years older than me. "What do you mean?" I whisper looking up at my brother wondering why he brought up the topic of leaving.

He let out a heavy sigh and pushes his hand back through his oak brown hair before looking down at me. "I mean, Carlie, that I am to start courting soon and that means there is gonna be another special little lady in my life"

"But I'm your special little lady" I said hurt and feeling tears well up in my eyes. Isaac steps forward and frames my face with his hand.

He looks deep into my eyes and wipes away quickly the first tear that falls. "Oh come on, Carlie. You're gonna fall in love soon one day" Isaac said with a smile. "You're gonna find a nice young man who is going to keep you warm and safe"

I look down at the ground and clench my fists. I don't want Isaac to give his attention to someone else. I hadn't had to share him once from the moment I was born. Not with any girls or even our own brothers. Isaac had looked after me from the moment I had entered this world and now he was trying to leave. I guess I should have saw it coming. At the age of twenty two he was a lot older than most single men. Most men started at around eighteen like my brother Thomas who was the closest to my age and had a girlfriend. Then my brother, Andrew, who was twenty had a fiancee who he was currently planning a summer wedding with.

"I'll still be around, Carlie" Isaac said leaning in and gently kissing my forehead his lips lingering there for a few moments before he stepped back. "But with Thomas and Andrew already in stable relationships father is starting to weigh the pressure down on me now. I am the eldest after all"

"I know" I whisper to him. He wasn't the only one who had pressure from father. From the moment I had turned sixteen last year he had been constantly hinting at me having an arranged marriage. I saw it as unfair considering the freedom my father had given my brothers in choosing a wife but I was the youngest and the only girl.

"We best get in" Isaac said offering his arm like a gentleman. I took it and let him escort me inside. As we entered the hall my father stood with a man holding a sword box. A man I knew only to well. His presence here also meant another thing. Isaac understood instantly and turned to me to say no but I was already gone. I raced away from the house and along the side of the muddy road that led up to the house but also down to the village.

When I got into the village I pulled my hood up of my cloak and moved through the crowd quietly. I knew how to easily blend in these days having snuck off down here so many times against fathers wishes.

Isaac knew where I went but he wouldn't ever blab on me so I ended up coming down here again and again. Always to see the same person. 

The heat always hit me first when I entered the courtyard for the forge. Then it was the very strong smell. A smell that had become quiet welcome to my nostrils cause that smell I always related to him. I saw him now sat at a sharpening stone turning the wheel as he worked on a iron greatsword. I was very quiet in my footsteps as I went over then waited till he had stopped before covering his eyes.

"Guess who?"

The End

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