I don’t see the point of their word games. Nor can I sympathise with hope that is false. These humans were at the top of the world once and now they won’t even recognize the enormity of what they have done.


They are weak, fragile, and ignorant. That is why they suffer now and always will.


They, with their soft flesh and susceptive ness to disease and mutations will never rise again. They are not like us. We don’t suffer. We thrive and multiply in the cracks and dark corners of their fallen civilization.


All we need to do is wait. Wait for them to truly realize the lies they pretend to believe are dreams and fading memories. Nothing more. We have no imagination and no emotion. We have instinct, stealth, strength and a single purpose. We have patience. We cannot be exterminated.


They have tried. Oh, so hard they have worked to rid the planet of those like me and my kin. All millions of us.


I am one, I am many. I am healthy and constant in a landscape they know is death but that they prefer to believe in despite reason and evidence of absolute ruin coming towards them. Hope is useless and I am not familiar with concepts like beauty, hope and humanity. I am not a human after all.


I scurry along the floor through the dust that gathers everywhere. A toxic dust that will eventually be what brings them to a halt. It permeates the world and layers life with death, suffocating everything. They breathe it; digest it along with their meagre supplies. They will die from their food before they starve.


I leave traces in the dust but it is of no consequence. I am rarely noticed, seldom destroyed. If I am, I will be someone other because I and all the others that are me, will never die.

I will not die just now though. The human that sweeps it into piles in a futile attempt to get rid of it is not here yet. When she comes, I will be long gone. When the humans realize that hope is just as futile as trying to sweep away the dust, we will be ready to take over.


We wait until they are gone. We will be at the top of the world then.


I am a cockroach. I leave them to grasp a grain of comfort in their hopeless dreams as I climb onto their sleeping bodies to investigate.

The End

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