The Woman Warrior (Exercise)

Exercise # 4

   She glanced up at the sun and sighed, as she was behind schedule on her journey. Dust scattered through the wind, creating a cloud of dirt that invaded her nostrils. It was abnormally dry, but the forest around her looked as green and full of life as ever. The branches swayed with the passing gusts, creaking at times, and shedding their foliage at others. She furled her brow and increased her pace. She was determined to make it to the next town over before sundown. Someone was waiting for her, after all, most likely tapping their foot, staring at the sky.

     As she speed-walked down the beaten dirt path leading every which way, she heard something. It was a rustling of the brush nearby, something that could insinuate something harmless, but also something sinister. It was the ambiguity of it that made her stop dead in her tracks. Her sweat rolled down her face, and she looked in the direction of what she perceived to be a cacophony of sound, alerting her to a possible threat, or maybe even a meal, provided she decided to stop to fill her stomach.

    Looking in the direction of the rustling, she carefully grabbed the handle of her sword, and slowly drew the blade. It shimmered in the light, and wind quieted itself down to but a lull. Squinting her eyes, she stepped towards the brush, slowly and carefully. The rustling sound repeated. She stepped toward the brush until she was standing beside it. In a spur of spontaneity, she reeled her arm back, and jabbed at the noise with her sword.

    "YOW!" A voice cried from in the brush.

    The voice's owner jumped from the tangle of plants, and said, "What's the big idea!?"    It was what appeared to be a highwayman. His face was twisted with anger, but as soon as he noticed that his attacker was a woman, his mug twisted into a face that suggested he was up to something horrible, and his mouth curled into a smile.

    "Well, I'm glad you woke me up, toots, heh heh heh heh," he said, chuckling.

    The woman then glared in his direction, saying, "I'll have nothing to do with such a poor excuse for a human being."

    "Don't be like that," the highwayman said, grasping his axe at his side, "Come on over here, so I can treat you like a real woman."

    She gripped her sword harder, and preemptively struck at the man. He dodged out of the way, and hit her on the back of her head. She quickly recovered, and wheeled around to attack him, but he met her sword with a parry. He sneered and took a few steps back.

    "Listen, girl, take off that armor and quit playing knight, you're just not suited for fighting. It'd be a lot better if you were with me, heh heh heh," he said, with an ugly curled smile plastered on his misshapen face.

    She furled her brow and let her anger get the best of her.

    "Pig! Die!" she shouted, arcing her sword so that it came down directly on the man's head. Before he could respond, the arc met its target, and his head was split in tow, spewing blood and bits of brain. 

    She wiped the sword on cloth she kept in the pocket of her breeches, and muttered, "may Luneas have mercy on your soul," before sheathing her sword and leaving the corpse to the wolves.

    She was even more late now.

The End

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