The Wizard of Heart

If you looked at him from a distance, you might notice his height or his loose dark clothing, but mostly likely you would be drawn to attention by his hair. Jet black, it flared with energy, rippling waves along his ears and down his neck, and seemed to billow about his smile as if the happiness radiating from him were all the wind and sunshine in the world.

Yet if you looked longer, you would be swept into a world of comfort. You'd see his smile directed not at you, but next to you, as if he knew exactly how to snuggle up close to you, but he wasn't going to fight your guard and he was going to take his sweet time getting to know your heart. You could see his eyes fall alight on the truth of who you are and wrap up all the glow in the world to show you how you his touched his heart by being you. In that moment there would be nothing you'd reproach about yourself, but throw yourself into the quest of appreciation.  

But the deep beauty of him was within. He was motivated through his heart. If you tracked his actions to get a peek into his inner motives, you'd be moved by his abundance of love. He was like a butterfly, gently embracing beauty and then tinkling off to share it. He loved to dance.  He would take you in his soft hands, his eyes fixated on the good you couldn't see in yourself, and you were allowed to be there, in that moment, holding him, wanting nothing more than the moment to never end. He'd pull you so effortlessly into melody and the sound of his breath would soothe your expectations and allow your body to be free. 

Between his hugs and long cuddle sessions and heart to hearts, he filled the empty world with song. His voice spoke soft words with an undertone of a sound similar to humming with a smile. His voice seemed to expand like ink in water, and it would drift into your emotions, reminding you of the past, pain, strength, and hope. He sang in a way that wasn't rigidly right, but adaptive to encompass all the small voices seeking to join him. 

Where ever he walked he wasn't alone. He would be surrounded in his wizard hair or his smile, or the guitar he brought to life. His aura could have been his best friend. 

I asked him once how he managed to be so happy. He told me a sad story from his childhood, and how it lead him to hate the world and all those around him. He turned life into a battle between him and the universe. It got tiresome. Repeatedly losing the same battle wasn't making him happy. Holding onto anger only gave it the chance to rot at his heart.

It was then he decided to unite with the ways of the world. He wouldn't play victim, but be his own savior. He could make himself happy, it wasn't the world's responsibility. 

He let go of judgements, regrets, mistakes, and spent time dwelling on the upside of every occasion. The more he looked, the more light he found. He embodied it, and then shared his wisdom. He was a teacher, and seemed to live off the satisfaction of seeing someone smile.  He lived on light, and was going to live forever.

The End

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