The Witches of Enfield.

You wouldn't notice them. They never stand out from the crowd. They look human all over. But they aren't Join Ash and Daisy's quest to save humanity. Join the Witches of Enfield.


Tears covered my bright violet eyes, making it ever-so-hard to see out of them. Why was I crying? It was as if the grief that bounded me to this Earth wanted to escape me; as did everything else. I rolled my eyes at this stupid human reaction to grief. I shook my head, and pulled myself together. Slowly- for me- I lifted my hands so that they hovered over the limp, lifeless body that lay dead at my feet. A purple light shimmered in the palm as my hand. I used all of the strength I had to force it away from me. I smiled a little as the purple-force obeyed without a struggle. It hovvered over the girls body. It was no longer in my control, but it knew what to do; what it had to do to get young Ash to breathe again. Anxiety washed over me as I waited for the magic to do its job. Slowly. A few hours later, I hand't moved an inch. Asha's eyes slowly slid back into consciousness as she gasped for the air that hed been deprived from her lungs for at least a day.

The End

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