The Wise Man

The Wise Man said...


I shuffle the deck of cards.
The Wise Man looks at me and says, "If you play your cards right, you will end up happy."
I look at the deck. How can I do that when there are 52 cards in a deck?
The Wise Man, he reads my mind, and points to the cards. "Look more closely at the cards. Things are more than they seem."
I do as told. I notice letters written within the cards. Some kind of code.
"Ah, the code to happiness," says the Wise Man. "The code that only you can crack. The code that only you can solve. You hold the key to your own happiness, my dear. To be happy, you must look within yourself for the answer."
I look at him. I look back at the cards. I stare intently at the codes. Suddenly, I understand.

The End

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