the winter freeze chapters 17-25

one major thing I found in the novel is that you should stick with your family no matter what and take care of them. I see This in the novel when Miranda has to take care of her family when they are sick with the flu. This happened back in 1998 in the book and that shows that it has Happened before so that Miranda knew what would happen and how to take care of her family. this thing I have picked I think has been emerging throughout the whole novel with Miranda changing not being selfish anymore and taking care of her family  instead. people don't do that anymore cuz people have So selfish and lazy nowadays.

In the novel The Changing and social economic conditions affect the characters like Miranda because she has to fight the conditions like snow and her family being sick.  She cannot communicate with anybody else besides her family so her decisions are based on how  her family thinks.Her decisions are based on what she was taught from when she was little to now Where she's having to take care of her family. the economy is failing because people can't get out and spend their money.  so Miranda  decided to not eat very much so her family can be able to eat since there's no money spending.

The End

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