The Will of the ForceMature

The Force is me and I am the Force. Sith or Jedi, you choose, but you want to kill me! How will you go about it, and how will I defend myself?

I am of the Force and the Force is of me. The Sith play at murderers and the Jedi quibble in politics. The conflict of men are of no interest to me. They are children grubbing in a sandbox in the backyard of a limitless universe. I have long since distanced myself from these charades, but boredom, for lack of a better term, directs me to return to the trade routes. One day you come upon me and are compelled to exterminate me, for whichever misguided ideology to which you adhere. I am a vague form in the mists of your jungle planet, or merely a cloaked figure emerging from the filth of your tenement streets. You choose the setting, the motive, and the method. And I will dance.

The End

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