The white sea

A white sea. A white sea waiting to be filled. The colours, the shapes, the pictures have a co-ordinator. An artist. The sea can become a depiction. A depiction of culture, society - reality. Or it can become a new reality - a fantasy. But what is a fairytale to the empty white sea if nothing else has filled it? The fairytale is its reality. Reality is shaped by experience, and if you were brought up thinking gold was called green, that would be encompassed in your reality. You’d see gold as everyone else saw gold, but think of it as green. It would feel the same, sound the same, smell the same, but you wouldn’t know it as gold.

So what is a name? “A rose by any other name would still be as beautiful.” It’s a bit like different languages - different names for the same things. The same names (with perhaps a different pronunciation) for different things. A word is meaningless, yet at the same time it is everything because it helps us define the world.

The world. What will you choose for our friend the white sea? Our world, a different world - our world differently or a different world with aspects of ours. The choice is yours. The white sea waits, indifferent, unprejudiced. You could make a statement - defy a social injustice. You could inspire, with beautiful poetry. Or you could simply escape: construct yourself a world where nothing can hurt you, where hatred and discrimination don’t exist, where the protagonist or another character understands you completely and loves you for who you are. And ignore people who say that escapism or perfect stories are silly, that you’ll never get anywhere in life if you dream, because we all need something to hold onto. Because if they succeed in taking that away from you, you may end up in a very dangerous place. And, anyway, this is your white sea to fill - who is anyone to criticise you for it? You can tuck it away so that no one else sees, keep it close to your heart like a photo in a locket, or share it with the world if you feel brave or want people to see you.

The power of a filled white sea can be amazing. But maybe it matters most what that filled white sea means to you. Is it your hopes, your desires, your dreams? Your fears or your pain? Well, maybe the contents can help you with those. But don’t be afraid to fill. Every voice belongs to a soul, a heart, a brilliant mind. This is more than freedom of speech - this is freedom of thought. Of memory, of imagination, of interpretation. So express yourself. Find a white sea and fill away.

The End

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