Slingin' Lead

The two drunk cowboys sat in shock for a moment after Roy shot the big man.  The third player began to slip out the door.  The dead man slumped in his chair and fell to the ground.  Several cards were hidden under his sleeves.

The two drunks finally recovered and charged at him, but he stepped to the side.  They ran headfirst into the wall behind him.  The impact knocked them out and Roy grabbed his money and left.  He was justified in killing the man since card cheats generally weren't appreciated.  Still, he figured it was time to leave.

He started towards the livery to retrieve his horse, but the sound of gunfire coming from down the street drew his attention.  Since he was already close to the building, he ran inside and grabbed his rifle.  He jacked a shell into the chamber and ran towards what appeared to be the bank.

As he neared the building, the man from the poker game earlier ran out of the building.  Roy leveled his rifle on the man and prepared to fire, but saw several more men charge out.  He shifted his aim to the new group and fired a single shot at them.  One of the men was hit in the chest and fell to the ground.  The rest of the group split their fire between Roy and the poker player.

Roy sprinted to a nearby building, taking cover behind a corner.  The men mounted their horses and rode away.  Roy fired several more shots before they were out of range.  He turned around and ran towards the livery.  He led his horse out and mounted it, quickly kicking it into a gallop.

Several other people had gathered in the street in confusion.  They sheriff was nowhere to be seen and the bank robbers were rapidly gaining distance.  He rode out of town to follow them.  They won't expect pursuit this soon thought Roy as he left the town behind.

The End

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