A Smith & Wesson beats four Aces

After playing - and winning - poker for a couple of hours, Roy was about ready to call it quits for the day.  Just one more game ought to do it he thought.  He anted up and got his cards.  The queens just kept coming until he had three of them.

When the final round of betting came, he said, "I raise you a hundred dollars."  The remaining players, who had already dropped out, looked at him in shock.  The only other person left in the game was the dealer.

"Yer bluffin', and I ain' gonna let you have this pot without a fight," said the big man.

"Okay then, deal 'em."  The man dealt the cards.  Roy got a fourth queen, giving him a hand that would be hard to beat.  The dealer laid his cards down - four aces -  and reached for the pot.  Roy drew his knife and slammed it into the table.

"You haven't seen my cards yet," said Roy.

"Are you blind son?  They ain't no way ya can beat that," said the man as he kept moving his hand.  Roy showed his cards - four queens and an ace.

The room fell silent as Roy said, "Now my math skills ain't the best, but I do believe that four and one makes five aces in the deck.  Now, either I'm a cheater or you are, but I know one thing that will beat four aces."

"Oh, and now what is that?"  Roy stood and drew his pistol like greased lightning, firing a single shot into the dealer's chest.

As the smoke cleared, Roy said, "A Smith & Wesson."

The End

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