The West

It's 1880 and we're a fixin' to have us a shoot-out! And some other stuff too... but mostly a shoot-out.

Roy Donovan rode into the small town of Johnsonville around mid afternoon.  He left his black Arabian at the livery and set out to find a bar.  He came to a decent establishment, the Silver Dollar, near the center of town.  Walking to the bar, he ordered a beer and examined his surroundings.  The dimly lit room was mostly empty, but some cowboys in the  back were playing poker.

Beer in hand, he walked to the table and said, "Mind if I sit in?"

"Sure, buy-in is $50," replied on of the men.

Roy dropped gold coins onto the table and took a seat.  He was a fair-to-middlin' good poker player, and he figured he might as well take some of their money.  A few hands later he was twenty dollars ahead.  I can keep this up all day he thought.

The End

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