Wait until they come and speak to you

You wait until they come over to you. They give you a glass of water and you begin to see clearly. You realise that you are surrounded by spiked pits. And you are glad that you decided to wait.

Chapter III

‘Who arrre you?’ enquired the taller one.
‘Yeth..th   Whooo?’ lisped shorty.
You swallow and wonder what to say. At last you decide to tell them who you are.
‘Oh arrre you? Rrreally?’ tall raised one eyebrow.
‘Then how did you get this?’
You look at tall’s hand. And there, in nestled on the palm of tall, was an Amulet. 
You are at a loss for words. You finally manage to say that had no idea that that had been on your possession.
‘Oh. Of courrrse.You had no idea,” tall lip curls and he smirks down at you.
Then a cog in your mind turns and your brain snaps into life. Of course! This Amulet must be what that man slipped into your pocket at the start of your adventure! That is how no one could see you! It must have some very strong magic.

Will you

The End

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