Run away

You move through the trees, keeping out of sight. As you get closer, you see what it is eating. It was a heart. You try to fight away the urge to scream. And fail. It turns round and looks straight at you. But still it does not notice you. It begins to mutter something and then slithers back into the muck. You take one last look at the creature and then run through the forest and away.

You wake up sweating. Your head swimming with pictures of that thing. What was it?
Why on earth had it been eating a child’s heart? And those eyes. Such eyes. You lean back and slowly drift back into a restless sleep. When you finally reawaken it is full daylight. You are delighted to feel the sun. To look up and see the sky. You sit bolt upright. You look around you. The trees are gone. You get up and begin to wonder where you are. You hear voices and listen carefully to them. ‘They... ey... they theem to be w...w...waking upppp.‘ One voice stuttered. ‘Good. That means that we can question the brrrat.‘ Snarled another.

Will you

The End

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