Take the Amulet

You thank the man and take the Amulet. You put it into your pocket and forget all about it. You follow the map for a few days and then you come to a cave. The map tells you to go in. You push the door hard and after a while it swings open. You walk down the tunnel and come into an underground wood. You walk among the trees. And then you see something.

It is sitting. Wrinkled. Like a tomato left out in the sun for to long. Slowly it slides into the murky lake and the swamp like water swallows it with a glOp. Then it slides out again on the other side.
It stares at you. It has beautiful eyes. The eyes of a frightened child. It creeps over to you. You shrink back. Pushing backwards through the trees. It does not notice you and keeps going. You sigh with relief. It creeps towards a pile of something. It digs furiously and burrows in. Before you have time to think about trying to get away, it slithers back out again holding something in it’s jaws. It goes back over to the lake and begins to chew the thing.

Will you

The End

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