The Web of Decisions

You wake up to hear somebody knocking at the door. You haul yourself out of bed and go to answer it. At the door is a man. A very, very tall man. He looks down at you and asks to come in. He says that he has something to show, tell and give you. He bends down and walks through the door. You take him in to your dining room and get out your biggest chair. He sits down and tells you a story of a prophecy. Then he shows you a map. Last of all he reaches into his pocket and takes out an brown envelope. He hands it to you and tells you to open it. You do. Inside is an Amulet. You take it out and look at it. He explains something to you and you gasp. He is saying that YOU are the person on the prophecy. He gives you the map and stands up to leave. Your brain begins to scramble.


Will you 

The End

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