Bedtime for Aria

Aria watched Raistled out of the corner of her eye. There was something about him she just didn't like... maybe it was the way he stared at her, like she was a bug in a jar... it sorta unnerved and irritated her.

Still, for now, having him in the group was a benefit. She could tell by the way he carried himself he was a sorcerer, but one of ill health. If she wasn't careful, he may end up dead... part of her wasn't so sure that was a bad thing, but she had a feeling his talents would help in the future.

Then there was Nigenta, the quiet girl whom Ackerak nearly crush between his palms. The scar on her cheek seemed to tell a story, but what that was she was unsure of. Still, Nigenta almost seemed a bit fond of her, so she wasn't going to pry into her past.

Drace... she felt like she could connect with Drace the most, despite his rudeness towards her in the beginning. She understood full well what it was like being an outcast, somebody's toy for 12 years... she had the scars to prove that. She wasn't sure exactly how she felt towards Drace, but she felt a certain kinship with him.

Fujitsu... was an idiot and easily manipulated. Still, he had a certain charm to go with that idiocy, so he came across as almost hilarious instead of annoying to her. Who knows, when it's all over he may forget about the bounty on her head and she can slip away quietly...

Aria considered her possibilities and then nodded off to sleep, keeping her guard up just a bit so Raistled would get a nasty surprise if he tried anything.


*in the Black Citadel*

"Well, well, well... so all the players have assembled, eh?" The Dark Lord chuckled to himself quietly. "Guess we should start the game then, huh?"

"So, most terrifying master... who do you intend to send?" A Stygian creature asked. Most were incapable of human speech (mostly due to the lack of lips) but some managed. The Dark Lord stared down and smiled beneath that bone white mask of his.

"Oh... where they are going, I'm certain Kojiro can handle them. After all, even mages are in awe of the skill he possesses when he has his sword in hand. Let us see how he handles himself against this little group." He stared quietly at the sleeping image of Aria in the crystal ball, and chuckled softly to himself.

"Oh, we'll meet soon, little girl... make no mistake about that... we will meet very, very soon."

The End

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