Moonlight Limerickagabob

"Well, that's sad, ain't it," stated Fujitsu, getting up. He obviously didn't give a damn. Drace decided he didn't like this guy.

Aria was a bit peeved as well. "You're full of tact," she said, throwing a bit of a glare in his direction.

Fujitsu obviously didn't know what "tact" meant by the look on his face.

Aria sighed. "Considerate." She was a bit thankful that Fujitsu actually knew that word, though it took him a second to register it. By the gods, was he stupid.

"So? Lots of people have terrible things happen to them. That's life." The smile on his face pissed Aria and Drace off even more.

Drace sneered, "Oh, we're the pitiful ones, right? While you look down on us? Hah, don't make me laugh. I bet you had such a nice life with your family growing up, didn't you."

Fujitsu looked up at the moon and thought. "Uuuhhm.... Dunno. I don't remember my family. Been by meself since I was seven." There was a gleam of insanity inside his eyes, ignited by the lonely moon, its imaged avoided by the trees and the rocky wall. Drace shut up real quick.

Aria understood, as well. His insanity may very well have been linked to the fact that he had no memory of his family (or so she assumed). It may very well have been extremely traumatic for him.

"In any case..." said Fujitsu, grabbing onto his invisible weapon, "I still need to bring you in, Missy Bandit. You still killed and stole from many people, and people wanna see you do no more harm and... stuff?" As he pointed the object towards her, Ackerak and Venice prepared themselves, as well. Though Aria saw that he didn't care as much about it as he did earlier. She could probably take him now, but it was better to try a peaceful solution, she thought.

"Alright, I guess I have no choice. Unless...." she trailed off, trying to gain Fujitsu's attention. As the simpleton he was, he tilted his head in curiosity. Aria grinned. "Are you curious about this sword?" she patted it by her side.

Fujitsu nodded, well, stupidly.

"Well... how about you tag along with me, and, I don't know, maybe we can learn more about this sword?"

Fujitsu got excited. "Ooo! Ooo! I know the PERFECT place to go! I have a blacksmith friend who can identify it definitely maybe possibly I dunno! Can we see him?!"

"What if I said 'Maybe'?" Aria giggled. His ecstasy was infectious, she had to admit.

"CHALLENGE ACCEPTED." Fujitsu declared. Aria sighed in relief. She had 99 problems, but this retard wasn't one.

The End

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