Drace watched the girl slowly sit up. Her words from earlier kept flowing through his mind. Nothing he did could destroy them. So he let them hang there as he pondered them.

Should I tell them?

He shook his head. Now wasn't the time.

Everyone crowded around the girl, helping her up and asking her if she felt fine. Drace thought he saw a new creature slide into the mix, but he wasn't sure.

After all the excitment, Drace's stomach started to grumble.

As if reading his mind, Aria said, "Let's eat. I'm starving."

So food was made for the whole group. Then somebody got the brillient idea that everybody should share their life stories!

Drace grumbled. Sometimes he hated normal people

He wasnt expecting to go first, but everyone looked at him.

Shocked, he said stupidly, "You want me to go first?"

They all nodded, and Drace took a deep breath.

Should I tell them?

No, they'll all hate you.

But, they asked.

They won't want anything to do with you.

Well, so what. I've been alone on my own for years. I can survive a few more. Besides, I need to get it sall off my chest.

Slowly letting out his breath, Drace began his tale.

"I was born in a small town that hated dragons, and anything or anyone having to do with dragons. My mother was a single parent, my father leaving her just before I was born. But my grandfather was a dragon. I'm not sure on which side, but I know for a fact he was a pretty powerful one.

"Becuase of this fact, I was bullied in school. I used to just take my punishment calmly and get on with my life. But as I grew older, it got worse and worse. The mayor of the town would drag me up onto a platform and torture me. He forced my mother to watch. If either her or I were to fight back, she would be immediately executed. So I took my punishment, waiting for my anger to build.

"One day, I had enough. My anger got ahold of me. I attacked. I scratched, I bit, I blew fire, I just let instinct take over. When I was finished, I looked over the wreckage. My mother was laying on her side, charred and bleeding. I ran over to her, tears filling my eyes. I pleaded with her to live. I couldn't survive without her. But she left me anyway. She left me."

Drace's voice cracked on the last sentance, his eyes filling with tears for the first time since the incident. He just hung his head in shame, not brave enough to look anyone in the eyes.

There was silence.

The End

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