Or Perhaps Uncle Fisty?

Aria trodded outside the cave to see what was happening, the dragon-boy only following to the mouth of the cave. Fujitsu was still nagging the wizard about genies, oblivious to what was happening.

"I've never met a genie in my life! I thought that the girl was a genie, but you- you were all like 'Sha--WAAAAAZZZH' with fire and stuff and you just appeared out of nowhere. The closest I've ever come to meeting a genie was some guy who could read my mind that had this snake-woman-whench thing curled around him. Thought I knew 'im. Maybe I was his dad or something. But...."

It was almost nerve-wracking how much energy and sporadicity he had, to the wizard. And the worst part was quite possibly his annoying, and constant, gestures. That or his extreme expressions.

"Before you go on any further, boy," he said, holding up his hand (Fujitsu stopped almost immediately), "I must communicate to you that I am not a genie, but a skilled wizard, Raistled, and that I wish for you to stop talking to me, at the very least as if I were a genie."

Fujitsu stared at him for a moment with a blank space. "I liked it better when you were a genie. Can I call you Uncle Genie?"



Raistled sighed. "I suppose now is the best time to ask: what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?" Fujitsu repeated, looking impossibly confused, once again tilting his head.

"Yes. For what purpose have you come into this forest with the bandit girl?"

The bounty hunter looked completely blank, in his attempt to remember what he had traveled into the forest for. It was as if his brain were a gerbil operating a spinning wheel, except it was too stupid to figure out how it worked.

Then it hit him (he reacted as though something had literally hit him in the head).

"FIIIIIGGGHHT!!! BOOUUNTYYY!! BOOOOOOZZEE!" he screamed, sprinting a lap around the dead dragon, picking up speed. He dashed out of the cave, quickly spotting Aria. He reached for something behind him, grasping something that didn't seem to be there, and thrust that arm out, fully charging at Aria now.

Aria, having little to no time to react, bent backwards and threw a knife into Fujitsu's shoulder as he passed. As he ran towards a tree, whatever Fujitsu had been holding pierced the trunk, fracturing the area around the wound. As he stopped, Aria noticed that the knife she threw at him didn't go half the way into his shoulder as it should have.

Fujitsu turned back to Aria, ripping the knife out of him. The pain that spread across his face as he did it seemed over-exaggerated, like all of his other expressions. It didn't stop him, however, from getting down into his fighting pose, which seemed to consist of him constantly moving hims arms. It was as if he were creating a force field (Aria briefly thought of this "touki" thing she'd heard about once).

"So, you're still going to turn me in, even after we worked as a team back there?" she asked, readying her newly-obtained sword and her previously-owned blade.

Fujitsu cheerfully replied, "That was then, and this is now. And I'm a bounty hunter, which is kinda like... now. I think."

Aria seriously didn't want to get into a fight with him. Even if she won, she knew she would be very badly wounded, especially after seeing what he had done to her other blade. The best option was to talk her way out of it.

Ackerak and the forest-girl just sat in the background, waiting.

The End

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