Anger. The opposite of calm.

Anger. The prelude to wrath

Anger. What Raislted felt when the two screaming idiots ran by and disrupted his focus.

Learning magic was not a one and done deal. You had to constantly reread each spell. The slightest error while invoking a spell could kill you. Or worse. A wizard could go maybe 3 or four days without a meditation session. A week at the most, depending on the wizard's memory.

Raistled was in the forest. A forest said to be inhabited by bandits. Bandits usually chose secluded quiet hideouts, and normal people stayed away from the hideouts because the bandits lived in them. In order to recommit his spells to memory, Raistled needed focus, and therefore quiet.

The two fools who had interrupted him would pay. Dearly.

The shouts could still be heard when Raistled had packed up his camp and lowered the wards. The previous day he had heard the cry of a dragon coming from the same direction, and he briefly wondered if the two were related. If the blundering pair had run into a dragon... it would serve them right. Raistled made a note to be careful in case the dragon was still around.

The cave loomed in the distance and the occasional shout echoed down to the approaching wizard.

Raistled held his staff tight, visualized the cave in his mind, and spoke,

"You who dare interrupt a wizard of the Mark, prepare for death!"

The simple spell Raistled had concocted amplified his words and threw them into the cave. The wizard waited for the shrieks of terror that would soon reach his ea-

"Hello? Are you a genie? I've always wanted to meet a genie!"

"Bihar Dugueno" murmured Raistled and he was suddenly in the midst of the group in the cave. He also appeared to be on fire.


"Wait! Don't I get three wishes?"

Raistled could have ignored the voice, but he was shocked that someone so close to death could be so... stupid. He opened his eyes ans stared at the party in front of him. The notable figures were a man, a woman, and a boy with wings.

Raistled let the fire fade, and he sat in a cross-legged position. He was not in anyway vulnerable but he hoped those surrounding him did not realize it. He waited for the first attack... but it didn't come. The only thing that flew at him was another question.

"So seriously... are you a genie?"

The End

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