Drace's mouth moved open and closed, no sound coming out. He was shocked and amazed. His had this scrawny little girl pulled out the sword when he couldn't?

He shook his head. The world and it's wonders.

Drace sat down, not really wanting to see the girl yielding her prize. He guessed it was time to make introductions.

Turning first towards the male, Drace held out his hand. "I'm Drace." he said.

The male looked a title weary, but he nonetheless took Drace's hand and shook it.

"I'm Fujitsu." he said, quickly dropping Drace's hand afterwards and going to go look at the dragon carcass.

"Poor little dragon…" he cooed, and Drace wondered if the guy had something wrong in his head.

He finally turned to the girl. She was slashing the sword around, getting the feel of it. Drace's skin rippled in anger at the thought of such a young, untrained female using a weapon that was clearly suited for a male. But he decided to let it slid and walked over to her, once again introducing himself.

The girl smiled and spoke in her sing-sing voice. "I'm Aria, nice to meet you. I noticed you were a dracomancer. I've always wanted I meet one. Can you tell me more about yourself?"

The mention of his being a dracomancer immediately stopped Drace's good mood. He shook his head, fighting to keep down a memory.

"No, I'm sorry." he mumbled, turning slightly away from her.

Aria looked confused, but nodded anyways, turning back to her sword practice. Fujitsu was still focused on the dragon.

Drace thought this would be a good moment to rest. He didn't want to sleep, just close his eyes and forget his memories…

The End

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