The Silver Blade Rapture

After a few moments of silence, Fujitsu jumped down from the top of the caravan and readied his fists. "I hope you're ready!" he shouted.

"You've gotta a lot a nerve to challenge..." Ackerak began, but Aria raised her hand, and he stopped. Fujitsu noticed the amount of authority she commanded despite how small she was compared to the giant.

"Don't bother, Ackerak... this will be over before he has a chance to blink." Aria charged forward then, both swords dropping down on where Fujitsu stood, but he backstepped and drove his fist forward, Aria barely having time to block it with her left hand blade, which shattered almost immediately upon impact. Aria dropped the blade's broken hilt and, to everyone's surprise, smiled. "Wow! You're really strong!" She said in an almost singsong type of voice.

Fujitsu blinked, then blushed. "Yeah... I guess I am..."

"I've been so BORED lately... I've forgotten how much fun it is to face someone with such strength!" Aria sheathed her sword and turned away from Fujitsu, and then broke out into a run. "Catch me if you can!"

Fujitsu blinked again. "Hey! No fair... if we're racing each other, then you got a head start! No fair!" He ran after her. Along the way he said. "Ohhhh... she's trying to get away from me..."

He caught up to her and pinned her to the ground as best he could. "Gotcha!" He said, smiling. To his surprise, she was smiling too.

"You're really good at playing games, aren't ya?" Her face suddenly turned frightened. "Ack! Big black dragon!"

"Where?!" Fujitsu stood up and readied his fists, ready to fight the dragon. "DO not worry, fair maiden, I shall defend-" That was when he realized there was no dragon there. He turned around and saw Aria not only running away, but she was facing him, pulling down her eyelid and sticking her tongue out at him. "Now, THAT'S just rude."

"Made ya look! Honestly, why would a black dragon be out here of all places?" She ran straight into a cave, and got her answer. "Oh, crap..."

Inside the cave was a man with dragon wings breathing fire at a bunch of what looked like children having been roasted to the bone and having a majority of their facial features peeled off. "Okay, the bounty hunter was weird enough..."

"WHO'RE YOU CALLIN' WEIRD?!" Fujitsu asked loudly, pretty much getting everyone's attention in the cave. "I'm the weirdest thing around here!"

"No one's questioning that anymore, chief." Aria responded, rolling her eyes and drawing her sword. "Hey, dragon boy, mind if I help?"

"Sure thing. I could use it." He responded.

"Hey, don't hog all the creepies to yourselves!" Fujitsu whined, jumping in as well.

Between Aria's skill with a blade, Fujitsu's fists and the dracomancer's dragon powers, the Stygian's retreated, shrieking into the darkness of the caves. Aria sheathed her blade. "Ugh... what a pain... and I was so enjoying my little game of tag, too..." Aria then noticed the dracomancer trying to pull out a silver blade that was lodged into the black dragon's skull. "What'cha doin'?" Aria asked, once again in a singsong voice as earlier.

"Trying to get this sword out of this corpse... it must be pretty sharp and magically enchanted if it can pierce dragon scales..." He tugged with all the strength he had, but it wouldn't budge. "Ugh... I need to rest..."

Fujitsu ran up to the blade and smiled. "MY TURN!" He began to pull and pull and pull with all his might, but he had just about as much success as the dracomancer. "This sword makes me sad... it won't be pulled out by my awesomeness."

"Mind if I try?" Aria asked. The dracomancer shrugged.

"Go ahead, but I don't see how you'll do much better than either of us... I mean, I've got the strength of a dragon backing me and this guy's pretty muscular, so if it won't budge for either of us, I doubt it will-"

Aria pulled it out with almost no effort at all. She grinned. "You were saying?"

Fujitsu's jaw dropped and the dracomancer stared at her. "How did you-"

"ARE YOU A GENIE?!" Fujitsu asked Aria, getting close. "Will you grant my wishes?"

Aria blinked at him. "Uhhh... no..."

The End

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