The Warriors of Fate

In the land of Relanisia, the Lord of Darkness is an entity shrouded in fairy tale and myth. A monster who destroyed the lives of entire civilizations just to satisfy his own selfish desires. Even the greatest magics in the world could only bind him, not destroy him. Over a thousand years have past since the defeat of both him and his Stygian forces... but now, the Black Citadel, the Dark Lord's seat, once again has an occupant.
The Lord of Darkness has returned...


Aria stared down from the tree she was sitting in, and saw her friend Ackerak shouting up to her. Ackerak was a Titan, a giant who had some form of magical talent, standing over twelve feet tall and with large hands able to act as a the perfect seat for the average sized human. "Ya canna just wander off whenever ya feel like, lass."

Aria giggled. "Oh, but I do so enjoy exploring! You often see new things you haven't seen before if you just take the time to look!" Aria pointed to the branch opposite her, and Ackerak saw it was filled with chittering baby birds. "Aren't they just adorable?"

"For shriveled, naked crybabies."

"Oh, don't be such a wet blanket, Ackerak!" Aria spun around on her branch and jumped down nimbly, that broad and warm smile never leaving her face for an instant. "I'm heading back to camp. See ya later!" With that, she scurried off. Ackerak stared after her and shook his head.

"So, you think it too?" Venice, a friend to both Aria and Ackerak approached. "She certainly has changed a lot in the past few days. Ever since what happened..."

"Yeah... whatever happened, lad? Aye wasn't there ta see it meself."

"It's best you didn't know... and from the way she's acting, I'm guessing Aria doesn't remember it either... or anything else from her hard life." Venice brushed his scythe up a little and sighed. "I wonder if this is for the best... just leaving her like this..."

"That's not for us ta decide. Let us put that in the hands of fate." Ackerak answered.

"HEY GUYS! There's a rich caravan near the road! Looks like easy pickins!" Aria shouted back, still smiling. Ackerak and Venice ran towards her, smiles of their own on their faces.

"As long as she's happy, then that's all that matters." Venice responded. "Let's make sure she stays happy for a little while longer."



Inside the Black Citadel, the darkness began to gather. Three servants stood in the presence of this darkness, one with red hair and a halberd, one wearing a blood red kimono and golden armor, and one tall woman with white hair with the ends dipped in red.

"The Lord of Darkness hath returned at last..." the golden armored one stated.

The End

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