Ella: I know my fatherMature

This would not end well for Percy. My father would not exit the castle for a battle without a sneaky plan to destroy the Prince. And for once I wasn't caught between them. I knew I couldn't let Percy do this. He would be killed.

"Percy. Percy!" I tried to get his attention but he was ignoring me. "Percy I swear you have to listen." A sharp slap across my face attempted to silence me. I thought I saw Percy wince at the sound, but couldn't be sure; I was too busy wincing myself.

"Silence." The guard hissed.

"Percy if you don't listen I'll do something I'll regret!" I warned. He glanced at me, barely, as if his eyes could see through me, and then turned back to the wall. "Right..."

I cast a spell, and then ropes fell from my hands easily. One guard tried to grab me but flew backwards, falling in to two others. Percy pulled out his sword as I leapt on to his platform, but did not stab.

"Call them off." I ordered him. He shook his head. "Call them off!"

"Guards, stand down." He barked, angry. "Let her speak."

"He will not fight fair and square. There is something else, another plan. There has to be something..."

"I am well aware that something else must be happening."

"Well then you won't fight."

"Oh yes, I will."

"Percy... please... for me?"

"Why would I do anything for you?"

"Because... because I came to find you, I came to apologise, and I didn't know what decent people you were. I've grown up thinking you were the worst kind of people... and you proved me wrong. I'm so sorry for all of this."

"Your apology means nothing. I have lost my kingdom, my subjects, and you have lost all the love and respect you gained whilst living with us. And you are about to lose your father too."

"Percy... please? You will be killed. I couldn't stand it if you were killed."

"Yet you can stand seeing me humiliated here?"

"No. It hurts me, tears me apart..."

"I do not believe you. I cannot. Now, let the guards tie you up again, or else you will be killed for your crimes."

"Do not protect me. I want nothing. If you cannot forgive me, I would rather be dead."

The End

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