Ella: Tied upMature

I found myself being fastened to a tree, since no stocks or other posts were available. I had to admit I was glad they hadn't tied me to one of the posts that had displayed the dead from the castle. I stood quietly while they tied me up. One of the guards spat at my feet as he watched me, but I paid him no heed. I deserved it for what I had done.

"My wife better be safe witch." The guard that had spat at me growled, glaring at me. "My kids too. If your kind have touched a hair on their heads..." His dagger sank in to the tree beside me. "...You'll be dead."

"Trust me. Your family is safe. They're in the kitchens. I've seen them."

"Trust you? No one will ever trust you again. You're scum, filth, and you deserve to be hung for your crimes. Burned at the stake, like the used to do."

I stared steadily in to his eyes. Perhaps he was right. I had betrayed people I cared about, had grown to love. But I had done that to help other people I cared about. I had not considered the idea that it would be wrong to do this, knowing the crimes against my own kind as I did. My mother and sister....

My mother's face came in to my head. She looked sad, wistful, alone. And I knew right then and there that she would never have wanted this. She had been good and kind. She would never have done what I had.

A tear rolled down my cheek.

"You don't get to cry witch! You will watch as your family die for their crimes!" He spat at my feet again and then marched off. I hung my head and let the tears fall. I had shamed the one person I had always tried to be like, the one person who was a true role model for me.

I cried myself to sleep.


I fell to the floor and heard the laughter of men. As I rolled over I was grabbed roughly and yanked to my feet.

"King wants to show you to your daddy. See if he cares enough about you to get his cowardly behind out from behind those thick walls he's hiding behind."

I was dragged roughly through the camp, watched by all.

"I can walk you know!" I snarled at the guards as they dragged me over a large rock for the third time.

I felt a blow to the stomach wind me, and then I was dumped on my feet. A blade pressed in to my back.

"Walk then witch."

I walked with as much dignity as I could down the dirt track. I saw ahead that Percy was mounted on a horse, and facing the castle. Several of my people had gathered on the battlements, although at this distance I could not make out who it was. As we reached them, one of the guards shoved me to the floor. I tried to stand, but felt the tip of the sword against my spine.

"Let her stand." Percy's voice rang out. As I felt the pressure from the metal lift, I clambered up and glanced at him to give him a thankful look, but he was not looking at me. I couldn't blame him.

"Let the traitor Mirkyn Vadrini come forward to see his daughter!" Percy's advisor cried.

The End

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