Arrival at courtMature

The castle walls stretched to the sky ahead of the company, and the sea view framed the building so that it created quite an imposing fixture. You wouldn't want to try and invade that castle. I looked over my shoulder as I had been for the last few days, but there was no sign of anything happening behind us. No sign. The castle gates opened and as we trotted in to the courtyard I saw the inhabitants gathered to meet us. At the forefront of the group was an old man and a very pretty girl, around the same age as me, who had hair of raven black and eyes dark as coal. Percy dismounted, followed by his brother, and bowed to the pair. They returned his greeting. The old man put his arm around Percy' shoulders and began talking to him, gesturing to his daughter. This must be Percy's future bride. A sudden wave of jealousy flooded through my blood, and I leapt off my horse before a knight could offer his hand. I pulled up my long gloves and smoothed down my velvet ivy green riding dress, then stalked across to Stephen and Agatha. Stephen offered his other arm and the three of us followed Percy, the princess and her father.


The King of Pentsmont had organised a royal ball in honour of the visit, so Agatha and I were putting the finishing touches to our attire. I twisted some flowers in to Agatha's curls, daisies to go with the cream and green dress she was wearing. I looked at her in the mirror from behind, and smiled.

"You look beautiful."

"I'll never be beautiful."

"Agatha. You look beautiful. Believe it. Some guy is going to be lucky to have you, not just because you look incredible, but because you're caring and intelligent, and you'll make someone a great companion." She blushed.

"Thank you Ella."

I smiled and bumped up my hair which was piled on top of my head with tendrils twirling down. My deep blue dress fell around me and I smiled. I felt pretty too. Normally I was just in my trousers and leather battle gear, but since my arrival at court I had been dressed in finery. Somehow it felt right. I shook the feeling and turned to link arms with Agatha.

"Shall we go and turn some heads?" She grinned and nodded. We headed downstairs and entered the main hall. Heads turned, and many stared.

"They always look at you." Agatha whispered.

"No my dear. They're looking at you too." I squeezed her arm and led her to the top table where we bowed and waited for Percy, who was sat next to the King and his daughter, to introduce us.

The End

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