Percy's preparationsMature


I stood in the courtyard as servants rushed around me, finishing the last of the preparations for our journey. I saw Ella coming down the stairs with Agatha and beckoned them over, eager to talk to my female companions.

"Ella, Agatha, how are you this morning?"

"Well your highness." They both replied. I smiled and escorted them to their horses.

"Are you ready to embark on our journey?" I asked Ella while I helped Agatha on to her mount.

"Of course your highness. It should be an interesting visit." Her smile made me feel deliciously warm, and I wondered once again what I felt for her. I had spent the evening thinking over every moment we had spent together, wondering if she felt the same. If I had come to the conclusion that she did, I would have called off the trip and proposed to her on the spot, but I could not think that she did. So I helped her on to her horse, and smiled as she did.

I swung myself on to my mount and circcled him around the courtyard.

"Onwards my friends, unto my future bride!" We galloped from the gates, my brother on my right, and Ella and Agatha to my left. We would travel for two days, spending the night camped in the woods that boarded the kingdoms. Then I would ride to meet the princess who was destined to be mine, even though my heart forbade it through my feelings for Ella. I urged my horse forward, desperate to fling the ideas from my head, determined that this passing fancy should not ruin my chances at the union that would please my country. This was one thing I would have to do by the book, this was one thing I would let myself be forced in to.

We rode on until darkness settled.

The End

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