A marriage tripMature

The servants had already told me about the trip before Percy and Stephen arrived. I had made friends with the three servants I saw most, Giselle, Tanya and Derreck. They told me about the goings on in the castle, and Giselle helped me to look my best and learn how to act in court. It was her that had told me about the impending trip.

Percy entered the room, with Stephen behind him. I rose from my seat and curtseyed to them both.

"My Lady Ella, I wonder whether you would do us the honour of accompanying us on a trip to Pentsmont."

"To visit your future queen?"

"How did my lady know...?"

"Has my Lord and his brother not realised I know everything?" I smiled and walked to the window. "Of course I will accompany you. Is your sister to travel with us?"

"Of course."

"I shall enjoy the trip. It shall be my honour to come with you, after you have been so kind to me."

"Thank you my lady." Percy bowed and grinned up at me. Stephen looked at me, as usual, just looked. He is a mystery to me, and has been since I arrived. I don't like it when I can't read people, but as it was it just intrigued me that I couldn't read him. It was similar with his brother. He cared, and yet he raised taxes, and all the bad things I had heard about him made me unsure of his character. Stephen was still looking at me, and I bowed my head to him. He finally smiled.

Later that day, as the sun set, I took my new horse out in to the forest. I watched the warm setting sun come through the trees and sighed. I miss this place. I miss all of this freedom, but the castle...

The sound of an owl reverberated in the still silence. I raised my head and hooted back, smiling at the childishness of it.

The End

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