Help from a strangerMature

"Thankyou Mrs. Barshine" I grinned snatching the bag of money from the aging women. Her face look ever so sad and hurt but I had to do my bit for my kingdom

"Your highness" Benedict squeeked from behind the carriage "we need to head over to the next village. Its getting dark"

"You are right" I bellowed as the sky was dyed a deep and lovely purple. It was so beautiful yet so time-wasting. There was work to be done. As night fell we headed back to the castle with a fortune in taxes safely with me in the carriage. I was halfway through counting it when he steered off course

"What's happening " I roared staring out of the window to the driver. Then I gasped. The horse ran wildly through the woods as its rider lay dead, coated in his own blood. Benedict screamed when he saw the murdered driver with causes the horse to rapidly speed up. We tipped up, ironically on the road we were trying to fix. The horse escaped into the woods as I and my plump assistant crawled from the damaged vehicle badly bruised

"Hand over the money!" a voice yelled. Both I and Benedict gasped as a trio of bandits advanced towards us each with a crossbow in hand. The money had all been collected in one giant bag, which I help in my left hand. The lead bandit repeated himself before I relunctantly began handing it over.

The bandits howled in pain. I couldn't see a source of such screams but whatever was happening allowed time for me and Benedict to escape. One bandit chased after us, breaking free of the pain. I stared back in fear to see him leave the ground and fly backwards into the other village

"What's going on!" I screamed looking around angrily. The three bandits had each dissapeared leaving me and Benedict to wonder in amazement. "Who is there"

"I am" a heavenly voice sang. We spun around to see a beautiful figure emerge from the woods. She had the stunning golden locks that fell down to just the right length. She stood in front of us and giggled

"A warlock" I gasped. Father had banned the magic people many years ago and we royals had presumed that they had died out.

It was dark and running ever so late so I gratefully invited her back to my castle where I planned to toast my brave saviour and gift her with a knighthood. Father was no longer king and I was not him. Warlock's were fine people and it was to be my quest to make sure my people see them as such.  

The End

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