New lawMature

The first few days of kingship were hell. Everday was finding out what I had to do. I was king. I thought I could do whatever. Benedict, my appointed advisor thought differently. But after a week I realised the joy of absolute power.

"Tally Ho!" I roared as my fine stallion galloped through my acres of wood. I was racing Stephan and Benedict and luckily winning but a large distance. I rode the white horse over rivers and through valleys but was haulted by a carriage crash. Stephan soon caught up and we two brothers stared at the chaos that lay before us.

"Good gracious what happened!" Benedict cried when he arrived en scene. He dabbed his sweaty face with a monogram habberdashery. I jumped off my horse and pulled the crawling man from the upturned carriage. He seemed badly hurt and very shook up

"How did this happen?" Stephan asked jumping from his grey horse. The injured fellow clutched his red and damaged cheek.

"P-potholes. Me horse, it got a 'oof stuck in t' pothole!" the man replied with a rather strong accent. Thankfully I had been exposed to the lower classes and could fluently understand the dialect.

"That is disgraceful. Why hasn't this road been fixed?" I gasped curiously. Thankfully Benedict had the answers

"Your father" Benedict paused allowing the painful words to make me wince in nostalgia "paid so much money on other things he did not have enough to make new roads"

"That's dreadful!" Stephan sighed before screaming as another runaway carriage crashed towards us. That was the final straw. The fact we were almost killed meant we needed new roads

"I will get the money!" I announced "By taxing the townsfolk. We'll go tomorrow door to door collecting our much needed money!" 


The End

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