I stood in my stately robes next to the Royal Advisor and watched my older brother proceed down the center of the auditorium. It was a surprise to me that he appeared so resolute and sure, for it had only been a passing of two days since he lay curled up weeping over our fortune and his responsibilities. The Advisor next to me shook ridiculously. Were I a few years younger, I am sure to have been rolling my eyes and mocking the poor man, but I had learned my place and cast away such foolish things. Now I understood that this shifty and indecisive man had the responsibility to teach my brother the ways of a King.

Father certainly did not do his part in this. He had not a need for anyone, much less this advisor, who’s predecessors had played such an important role in the history of my ancestors. Father had always known what he wanted and what should be done to accomplish his goals- his hate for various groups consuming him and leaving little for us, the three heirs that had survived to adulthood.

Presently, Percival arrived and the Advisor began the ceremonies. I wished that my brother would look me in the eye but he was, for once, still and reverent. Perhaps this was a sign that he would lead our kingdom well, and I certainly hoped that he would not leave the blasted responsibility to me. I had no taste for the pomp and social activity that resounded from the graves of our blood line.

It occurs to me that this could be a strong bond for us. I had much to say and many great ideas. If he would listen to me, Prince and King, young brothers holding the weight of a great kingdom, this could go well. Again I wished that he would look at me, and we could be strong together.

The End

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