Prince Percy...but not for longMature

The old church doors creaked open and I timidly walked in. It was silent. Not even the cooing pigeons or nesting jays could be heard on such a sombre day such as this. I walked, almost gliding down the middle aisle to the alter. I stared up at to the high circle window where one brave sunbeam dared to shine through.

I collapsed instantly at the foot of the steps leading to the stage. With one knee gently resting upon a step I sobbed silently, staining my gown with emotional tears. He can't die. He can't. He's too young. I'm too young.

I stood up and flung my silky hair from my drenched face and spun on my heels. In front of me at the other side of the church was the royal advisor. He shared a similarly woeful look to mine but his chubby face was scared with a worry.

"Prince Percival...I'm afraid your father has...p-passed away" I had begun walking towards him but upon hearing what he had to say my body shut down and I fell onto the red carpet floor. I lay in the cold church all night not knowing what to do or how to do it. I was king with a very powerful kingdom, or as I saw it; a terrible burden.

After what felt like an eternity I stood up and left the church. In the highest room in the tower was where my fathers body lay. I kissed his snow white hand began firmly grasping golden crown. My great-great-great grandfather had made this from golden dragon scales many a century ago. Now it was mine. I placed it upon my head and left my corpse of a father. I was king now and things were going to be different in my kingdom. 

The End

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