The Warlock's DaughterMature

A story of knights and jousts, of magic and kings, of love and friendship.

Listen. Can you hear, the bells of Dur'Abarshan? The mournful clanging filled the forests, the villages and the city, until no citizen could be mistaken of their meaning.

The King is dead. 

The whispers filled the homes of his subjects, the great mansions of the Barons and Lords and the castle itself. Even the leaves in the woods seemed to be passing on the news, and those hidden deep inside heard the heart of the forest knew and were glad. For not all had loved King Nathanial. His oppression on those possessing the gift of magic had been so great that those left had gone in to deep hiding, where no one could find them amongst the caves and trees.

But now there would be a new King.

And those who had been hunted and treated like scum where certain to take advantage of this. The council knew this, and wondered about the young Prince who would soon take his place on the throne.

One thing was certain. It would be an interesting rule under  King Percival VI of Dur'Abarshan.

The End

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