Ruby Bevans

We arrived back at The Vortex and were allowed to take a shower; I changed out of my outfit into even more basic sportswear with Vortex printed across the back. Mia came by our bedroom and knocked, Jackson opened the door and I sat up off the bed as Mia walked in,

“It’s time for your debrief,” she said sternly, “Ruby pack up your belongings.” My heart skipped at least three beats, my hands went to my face, tears spilled over and I wiped away the cascading tears , I began to hyperventilate– I was going to be cancelled.

“You can’t cancel her, she didn’t do anything wrong!” Jackson almost yelled, he took Mia by the arms and pushed her against the wall, “You can’t!” he repeated,

“Stop!” Mia commanded, Jackson let her go and took a step back whilst taking a deep breath,

“Ruby is being moved, we didn’t feel it appropriate that you should share a room after this mission,” the sense of relief was enough to bring the tears back, I wiped my eyes and took three deep breaths before getting up and putting my belongings into a bag Mia handed me. My heart was still beating sporadically but I was okay, I wasn’t dead…yet. “Follow me,” Mia muttered, Jackson put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it gently, we walked passed the briefing room and into Alexander’s office.

“Take a seat,” Alexander said without turning, we obeyed and waited for Alexander to swing his chair around and face us. “You’re here, you’re alive and you have the ID card,” he stated, “that was your first mission and the last mission you will do this month,”

“What do we do now?” I asked,

“Now we’ve assessed you, we are able to give you the correct training in the areas you lack skill,”

“For example?” Jackson asked, Alexander ignored him and continued,

“We couldn’t pass off this mission as a total success, we lost a van and that really isn’t good enough but here at The Vortex when we see potential we try to channel it into something special,” Alexander took a sip of his water, “Knight you have impressed us with your initiative and Bevans your common sense has boded well, Bevans you must be instructed in how to operate a gun and Knight driving is a high priority,” Alexander smirked, “I’m just kidding with you! Mia will arrange your schedule for the next week and we will go from there, any failure to impress, lack of commitment etcetera, won’t be tolerated.” We got up and left the office, a man met me outside,

“Knight, go back to your room,” he told Jackson, Jackson nodded but blew me a kiss behind the man’s back before walking off, “Bevans, follow me,” I sighed and followed the man, I felt like a dog in this place. I was shown a room which looked very much like the one I had with Jackson, apart from this time there was only one single bed. The floor was a grayish black, the walls were whitewashed and the bed had a silver metal frame with a crisp white duvet and pillow, there was an empty desk with a black office chair and a small black wardrobe where a collection of training clothes were already hanging up. A bell rang and the man coughed, I spun round and he smiled,

“Dinner time,” he muttered, “the canteen is this way,” I followed the growing surge of people, all wearing the same clothes, into the canteen. This was the first real meal I’d had in ages and I scoffed it down, I noticed Jackson on a neighboring table surrounded by people neither of us knew.

“Hey new girl,” a girl with a frizzy afro called, she sat down next to me and tucked into her meal, “what do they call you?”

“Ruby,” I muttered,

“Jaz,” the girl smiled, she shook my hand and then bumped my fist, “welcome to The Vortex,”

“Thanks,” I mumbled sipping my water,

“You sure don’t talk much,” she stuck her spoon into my dessert and ate it,

“Hey!” I barked,

“You got a problem?” Jaz asked,

“You can’t just eat my food!” I growled,

“Oh that’s funny, cause I just did!” Jaz had that diva attitude which always got my goat; I stood up, my chair noisily scraping against the floor. “What you going to do white girl?!” she asked getting up herself,

“White girl?” I almost spat as I rounded the table and shoved her, Jaz took a few steps back to regain her balance and then she hurled herself at me. I was knocked to the floor and winded, Jaz landed a punch on my eye and I cried in pain. Jackson appeared and restrained Jaz, I rolled over and got up slowly, Jaz was protesting to Jackson but he could easily contain her. Jackson let her go and pushed her away,

“You ain’t always gonna have your man to fight your battles!” Jaz said pointing her finger, I wiped my hand and shrugged,

“See you around…Jaz,” I muttered before wandering off with Jackson at my side, a couple of recruits surrounded us,

“Welcome to The Vortex,” one of them said, “welcome to hell.”


The End

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