Jackson Knight

"Good job, you two," Aaron's voice cheered as we ran down the steps. "We have to say, you passed our tests formidably. Great job!"

"What tests?" I asked, very distracted as we dashed across the lobby and shoved our guns into our back pockets.

"You think we really wanted you guys to make-out during the mission? It was all a test to see if you would let your feelings get in the way."

I rolled my eyes. "Aaron, we didn't make-out because we didn't want to. We aren't going to do everything you ask us. If that means you have to kill us, so be it."

Ruby looked at me with wide-eyes as I led her out of the hotel.

I smiled at her. "It's okay, I got it under control."

Sitting right there was the white van, just as the Vortex said. We threw open the doors and climbed in. A man wearing a black suit turned and said, "Hello, I am agent---"

I flipped out my gun and fired two rounds into his forehead. "Sorry, bud," I muttered as I pushed his dead body out of the van and onto the concrete. Ruby climbed up into the front seat.

"Step on it!" Aaron's voice roared.

So I did. The engine revved and we sped off towards the airport.

Aaron's voice suddenly came back onto the com again. It said, "Knight, Bevans, I need you to do something for me. I need you to read me the code in the top right corner of the ID card you picked up."

I slammed on the brakes. "OH CRAP!"

"What?" Ruby asked with wide eyes.

I executed a sharp U-turn and headed back towards the hotel, going faster than I had been before. "We didn't get the ID card!"

"What!?" Aaron shrieked. "Are you mad?!"

I ignored him as I pulled up to the hotel and jumped out. "Ruby, let's go!" I yelled as I darted up the staircase.

"Knight, you've made two very grave mistakes! You fool!"

I pressed the call button for the elevator, stopped, then went for the stairs. Ruby followed not so close beside me. I ran breathlessly up the stairs, ran through a door, then ran down the long hallway. I pulled out my gun as I spun into the room. I lifted my gun and held down the trigger, spraying bullets into five well-clothed men that stood over the bodies I had laid earlier.

I dropped to my knees and reached into one of the man's pockets. I pulled out the ID card, sighed deeply, then headed out the door again. I ran straight into Ruby.

"Ouch---watch where you're---" she stuttered, but once she saw it was me, she smiled and ran with me down the stairs.

"We're going to make it, Aaron. Don't worry."

"You better. Or it'll be your life. I'm holding the kill button in my hand right now."

I took a deep breath as I ran through the lobby again. It was then that I realized that I hadn't hidden my gun. Everyone in the room screamed and ran from me as I broke through the front doors and ran towards where I had parked the van.

I stopped.

"Jackson!" Ruby yelled from behind me. She scurried down the steps and ran up to me, breathing heavily. "What's wrong?"

A horrified expression covered my face. "The van's gone."

The End

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