Ruby Bevans

“迎到福州 - Welcome to Fuzoh,” The plane doors were opened and Jackson and I stood up, I caught Aaron out the corner of my eye as he jumped ahead of the queue and descend down out the plane doors. Jackson took our carry-ons out the top compartment and handed me mine; inside was a change of clothes and a pair of suitable running shoes. We slowly followed the line out the plane into the airport, I held tightly onto my bag’s handle as we made our way through the crowd.

‘Take Lenny’s hand.’  Camea voice through my earpiece, who was Lenny? Before I could figure it out, Jackson’s fingers wound round mind and he squeezed my hand comfortingly. We came out the airport and saw a long black limousine with a man stood by the front door, he sheepishly held a sign which read ‘Lenny & Julie Port’Jackson pulled me towards it and handed the man our luggage, we climbed into the back of the limo and sat in silence until we arrived at the hotel.

“Port, we have a reservation,” Jackson muttered, he put his arm around my shoulder awkwardly and rested my head on his shoulder in an attempt to make it look genuine.

“Room number 147,” the Chinese receptionist said, “take lift up three floors, third door on right is yours,” Jackson thanked her and we took the lift, inside I looked around the interior for a possible bug.

“Jack- err, Lenny,” I mumbled, “I don’t want to do this,”

“Do what?” he almost hissed,

“Pretending to…you know…” I tried to explain with my eyes; Jackson smiled slowly and winked at me,

“We’ll figure it out,” he told me. We entered our room and Jackson went into the bathroom to change, I slipped out my dress and put on some tight tracksuit bottoms and a polo shirt, Jackson reappeared put his tie back around his neck, he handed me a sneaker.

‘What are you doing?’ Mia spoke into my earpiece, Jackson heard it too,‘You’re not following the brief! Any failure to convince Chzman you’re from The Vortex will result in your cancellation’ she called, I swallowed the bile in my mouth and finished tying up my shoelace. Jackson took a step towards me,

“Now I’ve freshened up,” he said overly loudly, “let’s get this show on the road,” I shook my head as he took another step towards me. “I love you Julie,” he said, if there were cameras in the room you could see by his face he didn’t mean a single word.

“I love you too, Len,” I called hoping the microphone would disguise the falseness, I pulled a face at Jackson to say ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ Jackson pulled the ‘Neither do I, but let’s go along with it’ face and he took one last step to close the gap. My face was pressed against his tie and I imagined Mia would have a pretty hideous close-up of my face, Jackson ran his fingers through my hair and he pulled out my hairclip.

‘Hairclipcamera has been dislodged,’ Mia reported through the earpiece, Jackson took off his tie and threw it on the floor beside the other hidden camera.‘Please reconnect cameras,’ Mia demanded, ‘NOW!’

‘Jackson and Ruby – Chzman has connected up to the radio signal coming from the microphones, he’s listening in, act your part!’ Aaron’s voice was loud and clear in my ear as if he stood next to me, Mia quietened down.

“Oh Julie!” Jackson cried suddenly, he began to make kissing noises against his own hand,

“That feels good!” I called, a little hysteria in my voice coming with the panic; I began to ruffle the duvet covers hoping to convey some sort of bed-frolic,”

‘His men are on their way, Chzman is still listening in, play your part!’ Aaron spoke; Jackson pretended to be breathless as I pressed myself against the wall making a slapping sound as if Lenny had pushed me against it. He made another kissing sound as he made his way to the cupboard; he opened it quietly whilst I jumped on the bed to disguise the sound. He threw the gun at me, I squealed and jumped out the way, it landed on the bed with a soft thud, Jackson grinned.

‘Any second now!’ Aaron called. The door was flung open and Jackson began to fire, I leaned across the bed and picked up the gun, before I could even figure out how to use it Jackson had grabbed my arm and was pulling me out the room, over the bloody bodies of dead men. 

The End

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