Ruby Bevans

Mia appeared at the door and nodded at the man at the desk, “May I take them Frank?” she asked,

“The plane departs at 1pm,” he told her, she nodded and folded the clipboard under her arm, she gestured for us to get up and leave, we obeyed. In the corridor we shadowed a young recruit, he couldn’t have been any older than us, his hands were cuffed and two guards stood on either side of him, their guns pointed into his back. I looked at Jackson but his gaze was settled intently on the group in front of us. The guards pushed the boy through some double doors, I glanced up as we passed it and read the sign; “Cancellation Room.”

“Where was he going to?” Jackson asked Mia, she slowed and turned to face us,

“Punishments here are severe if you don’t follow the rules,” she said simply, I gulped but Jackson’s face hardened with determination. We rounded into a large room which had a collection of comfortable seats in a circle in the center, around the edge of the room there were rails after rails of clothes. Mia quickly selected an outfit each and handed them to us silently,

“Changing rooms are over there,” she pointed to the back of the room; I took the red dress out of her hand and followed Jackson towards the back wall. I stepped through a curtain and changed out my loose white hospital gown into the tight cocktail dress. I stepped out and Mia took my hospital gown which she binned instantly, Jackson appeared a second later wearing smart jeans and a jacket with a red tie to match my dress. Mia nodded in approval and then walked over to a mirror on the right hand side of the room; she pushed the mirror to one side to reveal a large storage space. She pulled out a box which read “Blind Eagle Mission” and carried it over to us,

“Here is an earpiece,” she said inserting it forcefully into my ear, “don’t remove it, because you’ll not be able to hear our instructions.” she handed another to Jackson and he placed it in his ear gently. She pulled out a red hair accessory and clipped it into my hair at the side, “Inside this is a camera, allowing us to watch your every move and assess your progress,”

“Why do I have to wear it?” I asked,

“I don’t think I’d suit a hair clip Ruby,” Jackson smiled,

“Jackson already has a camera hidden in his tie,” she explained, Jackson put his hand up to the knot on his neck, “don’t touch it,” Mia slapped his hand away, “you’ll smudge the lens,” she scolded, I smirked.

“This,” she said pulling out a small shot gun, “is only to be used in a dire emergency,” she handed it to Jackson, “strap it to the inside of your jacket,”

“Won’t airport security pick it up?” I asked,

“It’s designed to be invisible from x-rays taken in airports,” she explained, “you’ll be fine, just don’t flash it about.”  Once we had been equipped and prepped we followed Mia into another briefing room,

“This is Aaron,” she said pointing at a young man, roughly twenty; he smiled at us and watched as Mia exited the room. Aaron held out his hand,

“I remember my first mission,” he said shaking Jackson’s hand, he took mine and kissed it gently, “utterly terrifying, almost killed myself,” he smiled fondly at the memory, “I’ve only been here two months but I’m going to be shadowing you and staying out of sight,”

“Why?” Jackson asked,

“You’ve been here, what…twelve hours? I don’t think The Vortex trust you enough to go running round on vaguely important missions all alone, do you?” he smiled a crooked grin, “You won’t see me, if you do it’s because there’s danger.”

“Can we get hold of you?” Jackson asked, “In case there’s a problem?”

“You won’t need to; if there’s danger, I’ll be there.” Aaron stood up, “If it makes you feel any better, this mission is really just an assessment of your ability,” he picked up his earpiece and pushed it in quickly, “but don’t get complacent, if you fail it, you’ll most likely be cancelled,”

“What does that mean? Cancelled?” I asked, remembering the Cancellation Room but not quite understanding Mia’s underlying threat,

“Killed,” Jackson muttered, “if we fail, we’ll be killed,”

“On a brighter note,” Aaron piped up, “it’s time to leave.” We followed him out the room, down the corridor to a large steel door which had a keypad and two guards stood by with guns, Aaron ran a card across the scanner and the door opened, we followed him out and climbed into a black van with tinted windows. On the way to the airport Jackson and I read through the mission’s brief, Aaron pointed out a few areas where we could go wrong, “Don’t hesitate, hesitation can be lethal, kill them and go,” I noticed Jackson watching my face and I turned to meet his eyes,

“I don’t think I’ll be able to kill them,” I told him,

“In the face of emergency, if your life is in danger, you’ll surprise yourself of what you can do,” Aaron told me, I guess it was meant to be reassuring but it made me more worried, I could die within the next twenty four hours and who would know? Who would care? No one.

The End

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